The specific identification strategy of inventory manage is beneficial for businesses with unique or high-priced commodities. Here's exactly how to implement this method in your company.


Cost of products sold is figured out at the moment of purchase using this technique.

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For Jose’s company, one of the more widespread methods of inventory monitoring, such as weighted average price, wouldn’t be applicable. The weighted average cost formula would certainly use devices 851, 852, and 853 to come up through an average expense for the sale of 851.

Since each item is distinct and its price has nothing to do via the others, certain identification need to be supplied to calculate the cost and gross profit.

2. Iliana’s Island Washes

Next off, let’s take a look at an example wright here using a common technique would certainly be feasible.

For Iliana’s auto wash company, the prominence of inventory administration comes from tracking sales fads. She sells numerous various kinds of air fresheners that all price about the exact same. Here is a typical day of sales and also the purchases that built her inventory. Each unit sells for $5.


Brisket is the many famous marketing air freshener right now.

Iliana’s air freshener sales occur in bunches. Once the cream of the crop, fresh-reduced grass marketed simply 3 devices on our instance day. Brisket, on the other hand, is driving sales at the minute.

By keeping close track of which systems are offering the most each day, Iliana is able to make smart orders and accurately display the expense of each scent. The first table in the graphic shows purchases made in the week leading as much as our instance day and the second table reflects units offered on that day.

If she had supplied FIFO inventory to calculate COGS and gross profit for now of sales, she would calculate the total devices marketed on the day, which was 66. To get to 66 systems from the purchases document, she would take the 20 vanilla and also linen units and 26 of the brisket.

This is a expense of products offered of $83.90. With sales of $330, gross profit comes in at $246.10, simply a bit over the full of $243.60 using particular identification.

3. Stock sales

The many prevalent usage of specific identification is more than likely not applicable to your service. When trading stocks, you can usage this method for tax reporting. For example, let’s say you purchased shares of a stock at 4 various times over a variety of years.

When you decide to sell some, you can choose whichever purchase had actually the highest price to lower your taxes now. Of course, you will eventually have to sell some shares using the lowest price, however you have the right to execute that at a time that functions finest for your taxes and various other financial purposes.

3 benefits of using the certain identification method

Here are three benefits to using the specific identification method.

1. There’s no guesswork

The essential benefit is that your cost of goods offered and also ending inventory numbers will certainly constantly be exactly correct, as lengthy as you are confirming through an ending inventory count to catch theft or spoilage.

You don’t need to concern around matching the number of systems from this sale to different purchases because each unit has actually a cost assigned to it.

2. You understand precisely what’s selling

If you offer various versions of comparable items, like the vehicle wash organization over, your inventory monitoring software application will provide you up-to-day data on which items are marketing the many. That will certainly allow you to purchase new inventory that meets your existing sales fads.

3. You deserve to track heterogeneous inventory

The average price and LIFO techniques were designed for tracking homogenous goods (think 20,000 devices of the very same white shirt, or 150 rolls of the same dimension paper). If you market heterogeneous items that can’t be counted together, specific identification is most likely the best way to regulate inventory.

3 disadvantages of making use of the particular identification method

Here are 3 disbenefits to using certain identification.

1. It deserve to take many work

You will have to institute some means to track each unit. If your inventory is distinctive sufficient, that could be as straightforward as checking a spreadsheet. If it isn’t unique, you might must track it via barcodes or RFID chips.

2. It’s more than likely not necessary

Unless you just offer a few items a year and each one has actually a substantially various expense, you will certainly likely be able to extremely very closely approximate the certain identification numbers via among the more typically supplied methods.

3. You can manipulate net income

If you’re able to pick exactly which unit to market, and also therefore use in the COGS calculation for each sale, it might come to be tempting to deliberately choose the many expensive unit if you want to display lower net revenue (for taxes), or the least expensive unit if you desire to show higher income (for the bank).

Sticking to a much more generally offered technique takes this temptation away.

Should your tiny company usage the certain identification method?

The answer is most likely no. However, certain identification is an excellent tool in specific limited instances. If it suits your company, you more than likely realized that the minute you began analysis this short article.

If you run an HVAC servicing organization and offer used appliances eincredibly as soon as in a while, you need to probably use certain identification. If you make tradition motorcycles that are distinctive, you have to probably usage specific identification. But if you run a convenience store, usage FIFO or the average price approach.

Do understand much about inventory

Don’t concern if you end up making use of a routine inventory device and also the gross profit strategy to finish your publications eextremely quarter. If that’s the best means to go for your organization, it will acquire the job done.

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If you have to usage the specific identification approach, make certain you’re tracking appropriately and also perform an inventory count as soon as a month to verify your numbers.