I’ve been trying the 2 many favorite sprays in the civilization. They are loved and also everyone raves around both – I’m talking about the Urban Decay All Nighter and the Mac Prep+Prime.

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But which one is better?! What are the cons and also pros of each one? Well, that counts of many determinants yet I’m below to give you my opinion.

Let’s start by talking about the packaging…

Both have actually a really cool vibe in their packaging. Clean, valuable and also cool are the adjectives that I have to use to explain both packperiods.



The Mac prep+prime comes in a transparent box through a babsence stopper that you just have to revolve to open and cshed. The letters are in black and white.

The Urban Decay All nighter comes in a babsence bottle through purple letters. It brings 2 covers, I think for protection of not spill it off.

Here I think they are tied, both are really beautiful on their method. If I needed to pick one simply for the package, I would certainly give an additional allude to Urban Decay for the double cover, bereason it’s a protection however the Mac it’s less complicated to open up (yet if you do a small even more strength to open up it will really open up the bottle).

So ideal currently, it’s 1 point for the Mac and also 2,5 points for the Urban Decay.

Now fragrance…

This is a easy pick. The Urban Decay All nighter doesn’t have a solid fragrance yet we deserve to feel the alcohol scent on it, instead of the Mac prep+prime wbelow the fragrance is so beauticompletely soft, and also for me, it smells of roses, lavender and also coconut. (take right into consideration that I’m talking about the original Mac prep+prime, bereason ideal now they’re easily accessible plenty with only one scent).

So right here we currently know the winner, it’s without a doubt the Mac Prep+prime with its beautiful scent.

In full appropriate now we have actually 2 points for Mac Prep+prime and also 1,5 points for Urban Decay All Nighter.

Let’s start with the technical part and also talk around the formulation… 

The Mac prep+prime has:

waterglycerin: particularly excellent for dry skin, it helps through defense and also moisturizingCucumis Sativus: likewise good for dry skin it helps through the hydration of the skin;extract of chamomile: for calm the skin;vitamin E: has actually an anti-aging;Phantenol: to assist the regeneration of the skin;fragrancePhenoxyethanol: to maintain the formula.

I didn’t put all the ingredients, that in full are 15 in this list however through that, we have the right to watch that is a really hydrating spray, the alcohol is the last ingredient of the list interpretation that is the one in much less quantity.

The Urban Decay likewise has a long list of ingredients in that the first is also water but the second is alcohol. It additionally has actually aloe vera extract from the leaf to a better rejuvenation of the skin, fragrance, and many kind of others, in a total of 30 ingredients.

Both are paraben totally free and silicone free.

In terms of ingredients, I have to give added love to the Mac one, that suggests that in our results appropriate now it is 3 for Mac and also 1,5 to Urban Decay.


The Urban Decay All nighter was occurred to be:

All skin forms (it’s oil and also paraben free); It has a Temperature Control innovation that is patented by Urban Decay that lowers the temperature of the makeup, making whatever before you have actually in the challenge choose foundation, eyeshadow, concealer and so on remain in location in all the temperatures;Smooth-looking skin;Vibrant makeup;Last 16 hours;Doesn’t melt, fade or set in the fine lines.

The Mac Prep + prime claims that:

Hydrates;Refresh and also sooth the skin;Dermatologist and also ophthalmologist tested;Non-acnegenic;Improve the top quality of the makeup;Last 12 hrs.Looking at all the list of benefits both have actually and also maintaining in mind what is the function of buying a spray like them I have to offer my point to Urban Decay, among the reasons is that is more suitable for all skin forms. Right currently it´s 3 for Mac and also 2,5 for Urban Decay.

I think that we currently scanned all the parts of both sprays and also currently we have to offer points to a very vital aspect that is Results or efficacy.

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To assist with the evaluation I took photos of the second after the application, 4 hrs later on and 10 hrs later on before took off the makeup.