Similar words:recognition,initiative,sensitive,inquisitive,magnitude,initial,initiate,initially.Meaning:<"kɒgnɪtɪv>
adj. of or being or relating to or involving cognition.

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4. She offered cognitive treatment on her client to try to inhilittle those negative thoughts which were damaging his self-esteem.
13. Educational exercise in this country has actually acknowledged the cognitive side of finding out however has actually regularly neglected the affective side.
15. Logical operations are constructed, as are all cognitive structures, out of prior frameworks as a duty of adaptation and accommodation.
16. The cognitive obstacles in the way of police investigations Detectives who look for to establish what occurred come up versus major cognitive obstacles.
17. The outcome, aobtain, was a recognition of cognitive dissonance between internal stakeholder teams.
18. In this watch, decision devices lack the cognitive capacity and the comprehensive information that would allow them to calculate utilities rationally.
19. The breakthrough of cognitive frameworks is ensured only if the boy assimilates and accommodates stimuli in the setting.
20. Defenders have progressed to a state of cognitive dissonance, an awareness that ideas problem through proof.
21. In present pedagogic fashion, behaviourist techniques have actually been mainly superseded by cognitive and also communicative perspectives on learning.
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22. He has actually traveled extensively, lecturing on such obscure but essential topics as cryptography, intellectual property and cognitive theory.
23. It is exactly the integration of cybernetic mechanisms in a hierarchical order that permits pets to develop the more complicated cognitive functions.
24. Piaacquire figured out social interaction as among the major variables that facilitate cognitive breakthrough.

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25. So much, we have actually disputed means in which different kinds of words might be pronounced utilizing a selection of cognitive processes.