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INDIANAPOLIS -- All eyes will certainly be on the skies Monday afternoon as the solar eclipse makes its means throughout the USA and unlike the last complete solar eclipse that graced the U.S. in 1979 practically everyone has an equipment to document the celestial spectacle – a cell phone.

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With eclipse glasses offering out throughout the nation, many type of civilization are arguing that you deserve to use your phone in selfie mode to watch the eclipse while snapping a few shots for your social media account.

But how safe is it to usage that cell phone in selfie mode during the total solar eclipse?

The short answer: It’s not safe at all.

Columbia University Medical Center retinal expert Dr. Tongalp Tezel says taking a selfie during the solar eclipse deserve to be just as damaging as looking straight at the sun. That’s bereason the display screen of your phone shows the ultraviolet rays directly in the direction of your eye prefer a mirror, which can cause a solar burn.

Sir Isaac Newton suffered retinal damage after viewing the reflection of an eclipse in the surchallenge of a pond – which Dr. Tezel said is the archaic equivalent of a cell phone display. And Galileo’s eyes were additionally damaged after he regarded an eclipse through a telescope.

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According to NASA, using the selfie mode on your video camera is okay to watch the eclipse in brief bursts, however you should not stare at it for lengthy durations of time. A few secs of selfie eclipse could be safe however just choose staring at the sun, prolonged exposure have the right to damages your retina.

So what provides the eclipse so dangerous?

Typically, you deserve to only glance at the sunlight via the naked eye for a couple of secs prior to you have to look ameans – yet as soon as there’s an eclipse covering all however the external rays of the sunlight, many people are tempted to stare at the celestial phenomenon.

Dr. Tezel said that’s specifically as soon as it’s the the majority of dangerous to view the eclipse because it’s as soon as you –can’t- feel the burn that it’s doing the the majority of retinal damages.

TIPS | Driving security during the solar eclipse

If you desire to sneak a selfie in the time of the eclipse, make certain you are wearing your ISO certified solar eclipse glasses.

It is safe to check out the sunlight briefly—for a minute or two—only while the sunlight is totally eclipsed by the moon. However before, it is a mistake to stare at the sun throughout any type of other phase of the eclipse, also if there is considerable cloud coverage, sassist Dr. Tezel.

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If you weren’t able to acquire glasses before the substantial occasion, there are dozens of other ways to watch the eclipse Monday afternoon – stations throughout the country will be livestreaming the occasion virtual and also on social media.