“He came in in a state of shock.

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This writing behavior looks weird and feels weird, yet it is actually perfectly acceptable to repeat words in this fashion. If you check out most books you will certainly frequently see words doubled up by seasoned authors who care not that it may look a little silly repeating themselves on paper. However, you will certainly notification, if you use MS Word, that the grammar checker highlights such habits as an error (recurring word). Personally, wbelow feasible, I avoid doubling up words in sentences because I think it looks inelegant and unprofessional. So, quite than be lazy, always search for a better means to phrase your sentence. See the examples below for ideas:

“When she came to my home I proved her her message.”

This sentence could easily be rephrased as, “She came over to my house and I confirmed her the message she had actually sent previously.”

“I had actually had to go to the shops that Tuesday morning.”

This can quickly be rephrased as,“I had actually gone to the shops that Tuesday morning.”

“We will certainly discuss this this coming weekfinish.”

Rearea the first “this” through a pronoun; “We will comment on it this weekfinish.” Or a noun; “We will comment on the matter at the weekend.”

“What it is is a finish mess.”

This is a negative means to begin a sentence, anymeans, so reexpression this as, “It is a complete mess…”

“He came in in a state of shock.”

Relocation the prepositional expression through a straightforward verb, as adheres to, “He gotten in in a state of shock”.

On occasion, an immediate repetition of a word, separated by punctuation, is correct for emphatic impact, for example, “I am far, much away from residence.” So, the dominance is, repetition of a word in a sentence that makes grammatical sense isn’t wrong, but there is actually no reason for this to happen if you put the added initiative in and revise your sentences as necessary.

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I was simply curious if this sentence was grammatically correct: “The experienced agency need to be deferred to to create the uniformity.”

To clarify: “Additionally, the meanings of “nuisance” have been vague and the legislations have not yet been formulated and structured plainly, because the Court clintends that the EPA are the experts. The Justices declared that the experienced agency need to be deferred to to create the uniformity.”

I don’t mean an answer before I complete the paper. I was simply wondering about the appropriateness of making use of the very same word or write-up twice sequentially.




CulleyMarch 22, 2018 at 11:39 am

Using words that are the very same ago to earlier the way your all using them is called the I wantitis choose gingivitis. Your neglected you have actually the I wantitis