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In the sentence below the word "easy" and also "easier" are used. Is it okay to make this sentence?

"Due to the fact that it is straightforward to make the characters bigger, it"s easier to check out it."



That sentence is not OK. When you use "because", you need to follow up through something appropriate e.g.

"Due to the fact that it is straightforward to make the personalities bigger, we should do it as it will assist readability".

In your instance, the second clausage, whilst associated (and human being will understand also what you mean) does not follow on appropriately. If you recomposed it as

"Since it is easy to make the personalities bigger, we have to execute it as it will be less complicated to read"

it would sound better. But even below, the recurring use of "easy", whilst acceptable, does not sound as great as something alengthy the lines of :

"Because it is basic to make the characters bigger, we need to execute it as it will be easier to read".

It simply sounds better to not repeat words.

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Writers are often advised to prevent utilizing the very same word twice in one sentence. But that"s really an oversimplified statement.

If you use the very same word continuously, a sentence have the right to sound repetitive and also awkward. In such instances, it"s a good principle to look for synonyms of the word you"re tempted to repeat, or to rephrase the sentence. If I began to write, "I drove my automobile to the car dealership where the automobile salesmale offered me a new car", while, that simply sounds really bad, method also repeated. I"d probably reactors it to something choose, "I drove my car to the auto dealership wright here the salesguy offered me a new vehicle."

But tbelow are many kind of cases where there"s no must issue around repeating words. Short, prevalent words, favor write-ups, prepositions, and pronouns, have the right to be repetitive much even more easily before a sentence starts to get awkward. Couple of will certainly also notice that you used "the" or "she" three times in a sentence.

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Sometimes you want to deliberately usage a word continuously for emphasis or parallelism. For instance, the phrase "Happy wife, happy life" is pointed specifically because it provides the word "happy" twice (plus a rhyme). It would certainly be significantly less catchy if phrased, "Happy wife, pleasant visibility."

The wording in your instance sentence is a little bit odd, as Deadrat points out. If it was tough to make the characters bigger, yet someone still went to the initiative, would certainly they cease to be less complicated to read?

In any instance, your use of easy/much easier sounds prefer a mild parallelism. If that was your intention, you most likely have to make it easy/easy or easier/simpler. If that was not your intention, you could want to choose a different word. But "easy" is a short and common enough word that it does not sound all that awkward.