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Susan from LouisvilleThe song was explained by DLR in the initially concert of their 2007 tour in Charlotte NC. He sassist that a girl had been having sex in a auto in the parking lot of the small venue they were playing and she walked earlier inside via her pants on backwards. She began to dance in front of the band also and that brought about him compose Dance the Night Amethod. Chris from Beaver Falls, PaMay the good "lord" definition "god", be via you on eincredibly road you are on, saying might god be through you constantly and everywhere, the song "Forever before Young" sung by Rod Stewart states. And might sunshine and also happiness surround you as soon as you are much from home, interpretation all over you are and also constantly. And in the Garden of Eden, everyone was naked and also not ashamed, and also God shelp to be fruitful and also multiply. The relationships between the sexes, of course men and also womales, is what keeps every one of us, any kind of of us, with God, and also God with us. The relationships in between the sexes save all of us, forever young. Sex, and also dancing also. Dancing is quite suggestive, definately romantic, fun, pleasurable, enjoyable. Dancing with the stars. A guy and also a woguy setup, and also practise, and also rehearse, and also dream, and hope to "Dance the night away" in front of an audience, and on nationwide TV. And as Van Halen states also, the way to be young, to be alive, a live wire, to be "high" not on drugs per se, however to have God via you, to have sunshine and happiness surround you, is to dance dance dance. If you do not dance, you feel old, exhausted, worn out etc. not as vibrant as you might be. So till you dance your old enough to dance the night ameans, be forever young, and also reach better personally and spiritual to your dancing companion and to God. People say that life is struggles, difficulties, not simple to pay bills. This song teaches all of us exactly how to have even more style and also ease, fun, be youthful, not to be feel old and stressed, nervous, worried etc. Think of previous generations. The roaring 20"s, the massive band era, the 50"s, the disco years. Dancing, dancing parties, dinner and dancing clubs and parties, the discotec. Song and also dance. Music and also dance.Mike from Luvshuck, PaRuss from virginia may be appropriate...Austin from Bristow, VaPerfect song to listen to on New Year"s Eve. Love Van Halen.Russ from Richmond, VaLolita was the stripper however the title didn"t have actually commercial appeal. The title changed yet the lyrics didn"t. This was a song based upon scoring a sexy stripper. Take a 2nd look...Matthew from Tampa, Fl"style and also ease!" That renders a lot even more sense than "Stalinese."Tom from St. Louis, MoThis song is great, heard it live!Susan from Scarsdale, Mtlove van halenJohn from Greeneville, TnOne of the only times in VH"s career that a guitar solo was omitted. Too a lot time was invested trying to construct the guitar solo and also it never worked out. According to Eddie, the solo for "DTNA" originally was virtually precise to "Jump". Guitar players, attempt that one out and you"ll watch why it was omitted.check out even more comments

When "Believe" hit #1 in America, it made Cher, age 52, the oldest woguy ever to peak the chart.

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CarsGary Numale

In Gary Numan"s "Cars," the message is that cars bring about a mechanical society devoid of personal interaction. This didn"t stop automakers from using it in commercials. Both Nissan and also Oldsmobile have offered it in ads.

Theme From Mission: ImpossibleLalo Schifrin

The Mission: Imfeasible design template is in 5/4 time. Composer Lalo Schifrin joked that he did it so 5-legged aliens can dance to it.

Nothing Compares 2 USinéad O"Connor

Two tears roll dvery own Sinead O"Connor"s face. towards the end of the video for "Nopoint Compares 2 U." They were melted bereason she associated the song"s lyrics of love and loss through her mommy, that was eliminated in a automobile accident in 1985.

Come DancingThe Kinks

"Come Dancing" by The Kinks was influenced by the older sister of Ray Davies, that would make guys take her out dancing and also spend their money on her, only to sfinish them house frustrated with simply a peck on the cheek.

Turn Up The RadioAutograph

Paper Mate phelp for Autograph"s "Turn Up The Radio" video in exchange for influential placement of their erasable pen.

We Will Rock You (To Sleep): Pop Stars Who Recorded Kids" AlbumsTrack Writing

With the increase of Kindie rock, even more musicians are embracing their inner child through tunes for tots - here, we look at pop stars who videotaped kids" albums.

The End Of The Rock EraTrack Writing

Tright here are no even more rock stars - the last one died in 1994.

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Matt SorumSongwriter Interviews

When he joined Guns N" Roses in 1990, Matt assisted them craft an orchestral sound; his mezzo fortes and also pianissimos are everywhere "November Rain."

Charlie DanielsSongwriter Interviews

Charlie discusses the songs that made him a Southern Rock symbol, and settles the Devil vs. Johnny argument when and also for all.

Alice CooperFact or Fiction

How well perform you understand this shock-rock harbinger who"s been publicly executed thousands of times?

Mike Scott of The Waterboys - "Fisherman"s Blues"They"re Playing My Song

Armed with a childhood spent devouring books, Mike Scott"s heart was stolen by the punk rock scene of 1977. Not surprisingly, he would certainly go on to end up being the many liteprice of rockers.