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Heartbreak has done wonders for Clifford DeVoe! Tonight, the Thinker was the many entertaining he’s been given that he debuted, and kicked off the episode on a really exciting note. “Think Fast” started with a really fun scene in which DeVoe, masquerading as Diggle, infiltrates an A.R.G.U.S. facility and also summons all of his powers to take dvery own the agents guarding Fallout as the Hallelujah chorus from Handel’s Messiah plays. Without Marlize there to host him earlier, DeVoe is free to embrace his violent impulses and goes complete showman as he lectures the agents in the procedure in this visually interesting sequence. Neil Sandilands additionally looks prefer he’s having rather a round, as well. If only the rest of the episode might live up to this opening scene!

“Think Fast” is the penultimate episode of the seachild, but there are long stretches of it wright here it doesn’t really feel choose it, and also it never before feels favor the personalities are racing against the clock. Luckily, the hour’s final scenes don’t disapsuggest. It’s just a shame that whatever in the middle couldn’t live up to the bookends. (All of that being sassist, “Think Fast” does point out that the composing team deserves some kudos for just how intricately they plotted this seaboy.)

Anymethod, after that impressive opening sequence, Team Flash is alerted to the instance at A.R.G.UNITED STATE as soon as Borman’s body temperature starts climbing as he’s about to go critical. A quick check-in through the actual Diggle confirms that DeVoe is up to no good (shoutout to Arrow‘s David Ramsey for cameoing). The gang easily deduces that DeVoe desires Fallout to go crucial so he have the right to then shrink his containment unit and usage it to fuel the Enlightenment. And they only have actually 12 hrs to soptimal him!

Unfortunately, Barry can’t just zoom right into A.R.G.U.S. because the facility is covered with plates that will electrocute him and explode if he measures on them, and also DeVoe is holding hosteras over said plates. So, Barry factors that the just solution is to usage Flashtime, but that still won’t save him and the hosteras from gaining blown up by the plates. Thanktotally, he’s not alone! Cisco and Caitlin volunteer to enter Flashtime through him and to help conserve the hosteras while he rushes ahead to jump with DeVoe’s breach before he disappears. This sounds choose the perfect arrangement, but of course, Barry’s resistant.

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Even though we’re a couple of weeks out from Ralph’s death, it still weighs heavily on Barry’s mind, and currently he’s worried about risking Cisco and also Caitlin’s stays in Flashtime (because he never puts their stays in danger). It doesn’t assist that Flashtime training — which saps a lot of the anxiety out of the episode and also detracts from the race against the clock — doesn’t obtain off to an excellent start, either. At one point, Barry decides that it might be ideal to go at it alone, which leads to a big scolding from Cisco, that points out that Barry isn’t the just one that feels guilty about what’s happening. Sure, Ralph passed away after Barry trained him, yet Cisco liksteustatiushistory.orgise bears obligation for allowing DeVoe’s plan to get this far in the initially given that he’s the one that freed Barry from the Speed Force at the beginning of the seachild. This conversation has actually been a long time coming, and ultimately ends through Barry agreeing to resume Flashtime training. (Next: The Knowledge begins)

Eventually, the moment comes for Team Flash to rush into the area and also challenge DeVoe. While Cisco and Caitlin deal with the hosteras, Barry races towards DeVoe and maneras to jump with the breach in time to follow him to wherever he plans on launching his satellites. Using Amunet’s metal shards, Barry maneras to destroy among the satellites; however, that’s only a short-term problem for DeVoe, that has actually a back-up plan: S.T.A.R. Labs’ satellite, which he hijacks and uses to start the Knowledge. This is the initially time when enlightenment isn’t a great thing!

However, all hope isn’t lost! While Barry, Caitlin, and also Cisco were preparing for their trip to A.R.G.U.S., Iris and also Harry, whose brain feature has actually deteriorated sevedepend, were busy looking for Marlize. Thanks to both Harry and Iris’ willingness to put themselves in Marlize’s shoes (it understandably takes Iris a bit longer to empathize via the woguy who stabbed her), they track her down to the DeVoes’ first apartment together. Marlize is exceptionally intrigued by Harry, who is a walking instance of what will occur to everyone once DeVoe launches the Enlightenment, however she isn’t jumping at the possibility to assist Team Flash till Iris reminds her of the optimism she felt before meeting DeVoe. Given this season’s emphasis on the power of emotions, it’s pretty evident that Marlize will play a critical role in the last fight.

Speaking of emotions: Caitlin provides a significant breakthrough in tonight’s episode. At the start of the episode, Caitlin meets with Dr. Finkle about Killer Frost and also says that Caitlin may be suppushing somepoint traumatic from her childhood. Originally, Caitlin resists this concept, however during Flashtime training, she flashes back to a memory of her obtaining hit by a truck. Once the A.R.G.UNITED STATE mission wraps up, she asks Cisco to vibe her to that memory, and she discovers that she turned right into Killer Frost when she was younger. What the what?!

This significant advancement raises a couple of questions: Does this expect that pre-Flashpoint Caitlin was Killer Frost, too, or is this a Flashpoint change? Also, why am I still reasoning about Flashallude a year and a fifty percent later? While I’m going to reserve judgement on this reveal for currently, I will certainly say that it feels prefer this is coming at an odd place in the seakid since following week’s episode is the finale. I’m very interested in seeing exactly how the present follows up on this following week and also whether we’ll go back to it in seachild 5.

Over in the wacky edge of the episode: Cecile’s psychic powers thrive and also provide her the capability to take on people’s personalities, which generates a laughs yet ultimately feels choose the show is trying a bit as well hard to be funny. However before, I love watching Danielle Nicolet act, so I’m not complaining.It transforms out Dr. Finkle charges members of Team Flash by the quarter hour bereason none of them make it through a whole session.“I hate you,” Diggle, to Barry, after throwing up bereason Barry super-sped him to Central City.“You know what my favorite component of teaching is? Having a captive audience,” DeVoe in complete villain mode.

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