This fact series adheres to the exploits of loners who have actually constructed stays in the remote areas of Alaska in order to gain amethod from contemporary society. The family members featured struggle via the harsh atmosphere and wildlife as they risk every little thing in order to live on their very own. The series has aired on the Animal Planet and Discoextremely cable networks.

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Scrambling to end up trapping seaboy, Heimo discovers the ideal capture of the seakid a wolf. Charlie walks a legend"s footprocedures as he works the traplines Bob left to him. Tyler takes on the challenge of gaining their searching cabin prepared for following seakid.

Heimo tests his trapping abilities on both land and water to outsmart among his favorite catches, beaver; Scott puts lessons learned to the test as he tracks marten; Tyler"s plan to run his sled dog team is threatened once the load transforms on each various other.

With no meat for winter, Heimo is despeprice to run his trap line, however he has no choice but to hunt for moose; Krin discovers that a wolf load is hunting on her trap line; Tyler and Ashley job-related together to make the most of a current moose kill.
With temperatures plummeting, Heimo pushes right into the arctic, desperate to obtain a moose for winter. Charlie and also Tyler look to begin their trapping periods however should conquer disastrous fire damage on their traplines.
As winter closes in, Tyler is on a desperate hunt to gain a moose that deserve to feed his household. With the river freezing over, Heimo and Scott race to acquire his boat off the water. Bob"s daughter and ex-wife go back to his cabin to honor his memory.
As moose season opens, the hunt is on to gain meat to sustain them with winter. As Charlie looks for a kill, he realizes he"s being stalked by a bear.
The loss of Bob Harte is felt across the Refuge; Heimo watercrafts to Bob"s cabin to lug Bob"s possessions to his family; Charlie recovers his father"s shotgun from a surprise survival cache and hunts tiny game; Edna prepares caribou head.
Heimo takes Krin and also Scott to his best caribou searching grounds in search of a huge kill to sustain them with the brutal winter; Bob stays in tvery own with his daughter; and Tyler and also Ashley look to make a significant innovation running water in their cabin.
Charlie scrambles to secure his first huge kill and also rebuild his traplines. Heimo"s daughter, Krin, and family arrive in the refuge yet are tested instantly when their cabin is uninhabitable. Bob wishes to get earlier to the woods but battles through his wellness.

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Heimo stalks his finest hunting grounds and Tyler tracks caribou as the pressure is on to acquire a large kill before the harsh Alaskan winter takes host. Charlie inspects his traplines however damage from summer wildfires puts his seaboy in jeopardy.