LAS CRUCES - A guy accoffered of shooting his boss in the knee after the two got into a fight at a building and construction site will certainly continue to be in jail on a judge"s order. 

Ruben Trujillo, 34, is charged via aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and also aggravated attack with a deadly weapon after an occurrence on Oct. 14. 

According to an affidavit, Trujillo worked under the guy police say he shot at a Las Cruces construction website at Lenox Avenue and Lasso Loop. The incident started once Trujillo"s boss told Trujillo that he necessary to get to occupational. 

The supervisor shelp that he uncovered Trujillo resting in a water truck earlier that week. He told police that he thought Trujillo would certainly display up to occupational high and that he caught Trujillo standing roughly and also not working on Oct. 14. 

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Regardless of this, the supervisor sassist that he and Trujillo were friends before the shooting. 

"I do not recognize what taken place that day," the supervisor sassist during a hearing on Monday. 

The 2 guys exchanged words and, according to the supervisor"s testimony, the supervisor told Trujillo to leave the workwebsite. Then, Trujillo and the supervisor walked over to Trujillo"s vehicle because they agreed to fight one another. 

"He gained upcollection, I obtained upset also. It just escalated from there," the boss said. "From there, I followed him to his vehicle. We went because I assumed it was gonna be a fistfight."

Instead, police say Trujillo pulled out a handgun. Witnesses told police that the supervisor attempted to cshed the distance and also sprinted around 10 feet towards Trujillo. 

Trujillo then fired twice at his boss, hitting him as soon as in the knee, police shelp. But the supervisor was still able to tackle Trujillo. With the aid of workers, Trujillo was restrained and the gun was rerelocated, police sassist. Trujillo was later on arrested at his house. 

The supervisor testified that he remained in the hospital for around a day and a half. He shelp he"s currently undergoing physical therapy for the bullet wound. 

On Monday, Trujillo was carried before Third Judicial District Judge Rictough Jacquez to determine if he would certainly wait out his trial day in jail. 

In addition to luring his boss to his automobile and shooting him after he believed he had actually been fired, prosecutor Jachild Galbraith said that Trujillo"s previous felony convictions verified that he was dangerous. 

Court documents present that Trujillo pleaded no challenge to burglary charges, then pleaded guilty to aggravated fleeing of a tranquility officer and tampering via proof in the last 15 years. He"s additionally waiting for a trial after he was charged with battery upon a tranquility officer in 2017. 

All of this was enough to convince Jacquez that Trujillo was a peril to the community and also that no conditions of release might ensure the community"s safety. He ruled that Trujillo need to continue to be in jail until his trial starts in the coming months. 

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