CJ, a Gerguy Shorthaired Pointer, won Best in Show on Tuesday but the 140th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show was filled via numerous canines mirroring off their pageant develop. 

NEW YORK – “Relax,” judge Rictough Meen told each of the salso team winners as they vied for the title of Best in Sjust how at the 140th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Sexactly how on Tuesday night at Madison Square Garden. As a psychiatrist, Meen was even more came to for the handlers than for the dogs.

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“Dogs take care of themselves,” he said afterward. “It’s people that are a mess.”

True to Meen’s diagnosteustatiushistory.orgs, winner CJ—a 65-to-1 longswarm, according to Johnny Avello of Las Vegas’s Wynn Hotel and Casteustatiushistory.orgno—invested his victory press conference placidly chewing chicken treats prior to arvarying himself delicately along the floor while his handler, Valerie Nunes-Atkinboy, sought words to explain her joy.


The three-year-old Gerguy shorthaired pointer, whose present name is Grand Champion Vjk-Myst Garbonita’s California Journey, is only the 3rd of his breed to win the title at Westminster, and is descended from the initially 2, Carlee, who won in 2005, and also Traveler, that won in 1974. Nunes-Atkinson is the first breeder-owner-handler to win at Westminster consteustatiushistory.orgdering that 1983.


It was a big night for Nunes-Atkinson, who will certainly manage reserve Best in Show winner Lucy the Borzoi in 2016.


Shota Hirai, the husband of breeder and owner Mai Ozeki, finimelted 2015 via a nearly extraordinary placement for a Westminster rookie, making their lengthy flight from Japan worth it.


Five-year-old Skye terrier Charlie, who finished second last year, will certainly resolve into retirement. Handler Larry Cornelius kbrand-new he had a star as soon as he met the dog as a five-month-old. “There are the majority of pretty dogs that don’t think they’re pretty,” he claims. “Charlie knows he’s better than everyone else.”


The ideal is yet to come for Charlie—Cornelius promised him a cheeseburger as a retirement gift.

A year after winning Best of Breed in her Westminster dehowever, German shepherd Rumor was the 4-to-1 favorite for Best in Show.

She and handler Kent Boyles racked up 60,000 miles last year traveling to events and gone into the year as the No. 1 show dog in America, with twice as many kind of points as No. 2.

His handler Anattracted Eco-friendly also comes from exceptional lineage: His father, Peter Green, who was pointed out in Sports Illustrated, won Best in Show at Westminster via a Sealyham terrier in 1977.

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Panda the shih tzu rested his head on a neck pillow patiently as he was tfinished to. His hair takes an hour to put together and also 30 minutes to take acomponent. “This is a high-maintenance pet,” claims handler Kathy Bilicich-Garcia.