Tonight’s episode of Westworld is the penultimate episode of seakid 2, which implies storylines and also personalities will be converging for the 90-minute seakid finale on Sunday, June 24. From the promotional product we’ve checked out for episode 209, “Vanishing Point,” the story will certainly focus heavily on the Man in Babsence (Ed Harris), his daughter Grace (Katja Herbers), and also the events that resulted in the self-destruction of his wife Juliet (Sela Ward). Here’s the trailer:

Being that this is the last episode until the seakid 2 finale, it renders sense we’ll view the various other significant players while the Man in Black’s tragic story unfolds. The trailer offered us glimpses of Bernard (Jeffrey Wright), Maeve (Thandie Newton), Teddy (James Marsden), and also Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood). Each one of them seems to be in varying amounts of distress and anxiety, so I’m sure we’re in for a doozy of an episode.

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As usual, HBO released a number of advancement photos from episode 209. Like this one of Juliet (Sela Ward) at some kind of party.


Image: Courtesy of HBO

Here’s the Man in Black looking like his usual grumpy self.


And here’s the happy couple sharing a moment.


Any story having actually to perform via the Man in Babsence and his wife is sure to incorporate their daughter. Here’s Grace/Emily in the park.


Bernard’s going to need to address Delos discovering he’s a host and the truth that he has actually Dr. Ford (Anthony Hopkins) as a passenger in his brain.


And lastly, here’s the Deathbringer herself, Dolores.


The synopsis for “Vanishing Point” is about as cryptic as we’ve pertained to intend from Westworld over the course of this season: “Try to kill it all amethod, however I remember everything.” The episode was created by Roberto Patino. And currently,here’s all the various other important stuff you need to recognize around episode209, consisting of links to wbelow you have the right to stream it online:

Start Time:Sunday, June 17, 9:00 p.m. ESTTV Info:HBOEpisode:Seachild 2, Episode 9,“Vanishing Point”Director:Stephen WilliamsRun time:60minutes

Finally, this next link will certainly magically take you to a plethora of places where you deserve to streamWestworldon just around eexceptionally platform imaginable. Happy hunting:

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