Here we go via 9 amazing facts around seaweed that have actually nothing to do via map aspects or herbal expansion hormones...........(a bit unusual for us!)

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1. Seaweeds are not plants - they are a type of algae. They have no roots, leaves or stems to transfer water or nutrients. Instead each cell derives what it demands straight from the seawater around it. The only similarity in between seaweed and land also plants is that both count on sunlight to produce power via photosynthesis.2. Many of the world’s oxygen, about 70%, originates from seaweeds and algae. And Seaweed is among the best carbon sequesters on our planet. Scientists believe Seaweed can be a big steustatiushistory.orgponent of the climate change solution.

3. Some seaweeds reproduce by creating spores that actually have actually tiny “flippers” and swim amethod from the parent.4. Wakame, Kombu and also Nori are all popular seaweeds offered as ingredients in Oriental dishes. In fact Asia consumes around 2 million tonnes of seaweed each year.5. It is approximated that tbelow are 9 times even more seaweeds than there are plants on the land also. But we only usage 3 one hundredths of one percent of its steustatiushistory.orgplete biomass.6. Irish Moss is in truth a seaweed used for over a a century as a health remedy. Seaweed has actually been supplied for centuries to cure all kinds of ills from tuberculosis and the flu to ovarian cysts and weight problems. The low price and basic excellent health of the Japanese world has been attributed to the amount of seaweed in their diet. The primitive Romans offered seaweed to treat wounds, burns and also rashes, and still today alginate is steustatiushistory.orgmonly supplied in hospital dressings. 7. For centuries civilization have been taking seaweed baths for their health-offering properties. The exercise came to be especially renowned in Western Ireland also where there are still many Seaweed Bath Hosupplies and also Spas. To have actually your own seaweed bath you deserve to simply buy Seagreens Mineral Bath sachets from our virtual save.8. Carrageenan, agar and alginates are gels derived from seaweed. Chances are you use these products eincredibly day. They are steustatiushistory.orgmonly used in dairy assets and also desserts, toothpaste, air freshener gels, processed meats and also pet food. Amazingly they are likewise provided to develop fire-proof garments for firemen and also likewise the flux in welding rods.9. Seaweed is besteustatiushistory.orging the buzz-word for futurists. Algae might end up being the bio-fuel of the future. Bio-degradable plastics made from seaweed will certainly relocation those made from petro-chemicals that are currently polluting eextremely inch of our earth. Medical breakthroughs are most likely with seaweed extracts uncovered to have anti-viral and anti-tumour properties. And seaweed is gradually steustatiushistory.orging to be more a part of the western diet, particularly given that we found sushi!

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