Well tright here are many type of factors a human being can loss. I will certainly giveyou one example.

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The Roguy Realm.

Rome fell for numerous reasons. It dropped because of many combinedfactors, not simply one aspect alone is sassist to have led to it.

1. It gained far to substantial to sustain itself, there wasn"t enoughmoney.

2. Rome was paying mercenaries, with money it didn"t have muchof, then the Germanic mercenaries were cost-free to strike rome afterthe money stopped, and also Rome"s army was failing.

3. People got stupider, they can no much longer review the texts ofscholars prior to them.

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4. There were barbarians attacking and invading all the moment,and also bereason the empire was so substantial, it couldn"t take the press.At some point barbarians (non Romans) cut off Rome"s water supply bydestroying the aqua duct, so the world left in the city passed away ofsickness and starvation.

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