$53,000 is placed in an investment account that grows at a fixed rate of 2% (compound growth) per year. How much is in the account after 4 years? Round your answer to the nearest entirety number.

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Although organizations are frequently associated with a physical representative (favor the Supreme Court building), the significance of an school is a collection of expectations and also that form the in which .
Two nations agree to lower import tariffs on selected items. (global trade)A nation loosens its constraints on foreign-based land ownership. (flow of funds throughout nationwide borders)A nation permits exclusive firms to contend via the state-owned mail organization. (competitive markets)
Apply the correct label to each level of funding investment on the accumulation production attribute to illustrate one of the vital implications of the Solow version.
K1: highest possible marginal product;K2: first authorize of diminishing returnsK3: economy approaching stable state
Assuming the blue manufacturing feature (F1) is the initial state of a country"s economy, click on the manufacturing attribute after a surge in the nation"s modern technology sector, for circumstances, as a result of government capital.
At one time, diplomats in New York can not be puniburned in any type of means for parking violations. Two sociologists studied violation fads and also concluded that diplomats from some countries obtained tickets much more often than diplomats from various other nations.Which nations" diplomats generally committed parking violations? Which nations" diplomats committed very few?
The production attribute F2 deserve to be stood for in equation form by Y = A × F(herbal sources, human funding, physical capital).For any nonzero level of resources inputs (K), the output from F2 is even more than the output for F1.
national highmethod device (physical capital)tourist-friendly seaside waters (natural resources)employees professional at various handicrafts (huguy capital)
an assembly line manage device (technology)a worker who has actually been trained to company an electron microscope (humale capital)a technique of extracting potable water from the ocean (technology)a factory team that together builds smartphones (huguy capital)
Identify the characteristics that have actually enabled Singapore to come to be among the world"s many thriving nations.
Private home legal rights have been secure since around 1950. (Taiwan)Private residential or commercial property rights are not secure; land also ownership records are undependable. (Liberia)Today"s exclusive residential property rights date back to a radical 1978 experiment. (China)
If a country"s nominal GDP is flourishing at 4.4% yearly, yearly inflation is running at 2.3%, and also the population development price is 0.5%, what is the expansion rate of genuine per capita GDP?
If information web links connecting different components of the United States were to fail, GDP would certainly loss. If, on the other hand, the network-related of state-of-the-art, high-rate relationships were doubled in dimension, what would certainly happen?
GDP would certainly increase.The marginal product would certainly be smaller than that of the original netjob-related.The marginal product would be positive.
In economics, cultural norms are a given—not a variable that deserve to be critiqued and adjusted for economic factors.
In negative countries, accessibility to is lower than in wealthy countries. In addition, it is frequently reduced for than for .
In the manufacturing attribute, the slope of the feature synchronizes to the . If the slope is , we recognize that output is boosting. As the slope declines, that is a sign of marginal product.
In the last two decades, China"s has grown at simply under yearly. China will certainly shortly rank among the world"s nations.
In the map listed below, dark areas represent concentrations of . Not coincidentally, these tend to be situated alengthy natural developed by , which carry out ready access to .

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In this economic climate, ladders are provided to gain bushels of fruit hanging from trees. The graph reflects the partnership between ladders, a aspect of production, and also output measured in bushels of fruit. Match the size of the marginal product to the matching area on the graph.
India ($2,900)China ($5,243)Western Europe ($30,642)Latin America ($9,026)USA ($43,629)Africa ($2,254)