Squirrels and also rabbits are primary game selections for the .22. I"ve killed numerous raccoons and also possums and also a couple of beavers through a .22. Tright here are various other animals that deserve to be eliminated through one, however generally ony ethically through a head swarm. Stick to tiny game and varmints.

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birds, squirrels, rabbits, coon, the like...some world say they are good for coyotes but you would certainly really desire a cshed head shot and possibly a hear swarm but nopoint more. I know it"s just a coyote yet still, all pets deserve respect.

Coons, cyotes, squirrels, foxes, rabbits, snakes, turtles, and any kind of various other small game. People offered to kill deer with 22s, but that dosen"t seem favor a really good principle. Plus, it"s illegal currently.

counts on your claims hunting regulations usaly squierel and also rabits off the peak of my head examine your states dnr for season dates


Look at the size of the cartridge and also then at the pet. About approximately ten pounds of critter is what the .22 is designed for. It has actually definitely taken much bigger critters through a combination of ability and also luck, yet that is not what it was designed for. Professional assasins frequently like a silenced .22, however that does not suppose that it was designed to be a manstopper. My late father in regulation once killed an elk through a .22 behind the ear, however that doesn"t intend that it was designed to be an elk rifle and also for this reason it is illegal to hunt elk via a .22. With any kind of caliber, big or small, game is killed via shot placement. Ethical and successful hunting is done by equivalent the caliber to the game hunted.
"What can you hunt through a .22 rimfire", is the question on the table. Lot of variables go right into the answer to this question. You deserve to hunt anything you desire to with it, question is, are you great sufficient to slip up on a sleeping Griz and also dispatch exact same through a shot via the eye into the brain? If the answer is "No", I recommend you stick to smaller, much less dangerous (when pissed off) game, like squirels and also rabbits,,, Glad to help.
Stick with squirrels, rabbits, and maybe a troublesome posamount. I"ve checked out some massive raccoons take a lot of lead.
you deserve to kill squirrels rabbits raccoons possums coyotes bobcats deer and also turcrucial however its illeagal to kill deer and also turkey through it
a 22. cal. rifle is excellent for coytes and rablittle bit likewise for pesky crows and posamount.can also an occasional hill lion or bobcat
Check your says regulations. They will list their huge game pets and also you typically won"t have the ability to hunt any type of significant game via a 22 rimfire rifle.

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