In the scriptures we have many type of examples of prophets adhering to the promptings of the Divine Spirit, often not learning why they are being prompted. Servants of God learn to recognize and also follow the promptings of the Divine Gorganize, and those with experience execute so instantly. The Prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is one. Prophet Thomas Monkid associated this experience:

One day a few years earlier, after taking care of matters at the office, I felt a strong impression to visit an aged widow who was a patient at a senior care facility in Salt Lake City. I drove tbelow straight.

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When I saw her room, I uncovered it empty. I asked an attendant concerning her whereabouts and was directed to a lounge location. There I found this sweet widow visiting through her sister and another frifinish. We had a pleasant conversation together.

As we were talking, a guy concerned the door of the room to achieve a deserve to of soda from the vfinishing machine. He glanced at me and also sassist, “Why, you are Tom Monkid.”

“Yes,” I replied. “And you look choose a Hemingmeans.”

He acknowledged that he was Stephen Hemingmethod, the son of Alfred Eugene Hemingmeans, that had offered as my counselor as soon as I was a bishop many type of years earlier and also whom I called Gene. Stephen told me that his father was tright here in the very same facility and also was near fatality. Gene had been calling my name, and also the household had wanted to call me but had actually been unable to discover a telephone number for me.

I excused myself instantly and went through Stephen up to the room of my previous counselor, wright here others of his children were additionally gathered, his wife having passed away some years previous. The family members members concerned my meeting Stephen in the lounge area as a solution by our Heavenly Father to their great desire that I would check out their father prior to he died and also answer his contact. I likewise felt that this was the case, for if Stephen had not entered the room in which I was visiting at specifically the moment he did, I would not have well-known that Gene was even in that facility.

We gave a blessing to him. A soul of tranquility dominated. We had actually a lovely visit, after which I left.

The complying with morning a phone call revealed that Gene Hemingmethod had actually passed away—just 20 minutes after he had actually obtained the blessing from his boy and also me. <1>

Following the promptings of the Divine Spirit has actually enabled Prophet Thomas S. Monboy to sell a life time of business to the Lord Jesus Christ.

The post in which this suffer was recounted is dubbed “Peace, Be Still,” and also it is expected to demonstrate that the Lord is mindful of us eextremely minute of our resides. He knows us—eextremely assumed and molecule. He commonly blesses us via His servants, whom He prompts to lug us comfort via the Divine Gorganize. In this situation, He sent a message via the Holy Ghost to President Monson, in order to bmuch less the life of his old frifinish as he passed from mortality.

The Divine Gorganize is periodically called the Comforter, and also he can offer us peace in the many trying of circumstances—Gene Hemingway’s family members was blessed through peace at their loved one’s passing via this experience. They were assured and also comforted by God’s tender mercies certain to their trial and at the minute they necessary them.

In some situations, rather of prompting one of God’s servants to minister to our needs, the Savior, with the Divine Ghost, does it Himself. In the same short article is a story of a girl who shed her brvarious other to fatality. On the anniversary of his passing, she virtually suffocated via grief. She dubbed upon the Savior in mighty prayer. She longed for comfort.

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I asked my Father in Heaven to please heal my heart. The pain was also much for me to address alone. Then a feeling of tranquility, comfort, and also love swept over my whole body. I felt as though God had actually wrapped His arms about me and was protecting me from the intense pain I had actually felt. I still missed my brother, but I was able to see through various eyes. Tright here was so a lot for me to learn from this experience. I understand the Lord’s love and also tranquility are available. We need just to partake. <1>



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