1 : to derive as a conclusion from facts or premises we check out smoke and infer fire— L. A. White — compare indicate

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2 : guess, surmise your letter … allows me to infer that you are as well as ever— O. W. Holmes †1935
b : to suggest out : show this doth infer the zeal I had to watch him— William Shakespeare another survey … infers that two-thirds of all current computer system installations are not paying for themselves— H. R. Chellman
: to draw inferences men … have observed, inferred, and reasoned … to all kinds of results— John Dewey

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inferable or less commonly inferrible in-​ˈfər-​ə-​bəl adjective
inferrer in-​ˈfər-​ər noun

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infer, deduce, conclude, judge, gather expect to arrive at a psychological conclusion. infer suggests getting here at a conclusion by thinking from evidence; if the proof is slight, the term comes close to surmise. from that remark, I inferred that they knew each other deduce often adds to infer the unique implication of illustration a specific inference from a generalization. denied we can deduce anypoint important from humale mortality conclude implies showing up at a vital inference at the end of a chain of thinking. concluded that only the accsupplied might be guilty judge stresses a weighing of the evidence on which a conclusion is based. judge people by their actions gather says an intuitive developing of a conclusion from effects. gathered their desire to be alone without a word

Infer vs. Imply: Usage Guide

Sir Thomas More is the initially writer recognized to have actually provided both infer and also imply in their approved senses in 1528 (with infer interpretation "to deduce from facts" and also imply definition "to hint at"). He is also the initially to have offered infer in a feeling cshed in interpretation to imply (1533). Both of these supplies of infer coexisted without comment till some time roughly the finish of World War I. Since then, the "indicate" and also "hint or suggest" meanings of infer have actually been commonly condemned as an undesirable blurring of a valuable difference. The actual blurring has actually been done by the commentators. The "indicate" sense of infer, descended from More"s usage of 1533, does not happen with a personal topic. When objections arose, they were to a use with a personal topic (which is currently considered a usage of the "imply, hint" sense of infer). Because dictionaries did not recognize this use specifically, the objectors assumed that the "indicate" feeling was the one they found illogical, even though it had been in respectable use for four centuries. The actual consumption condemned was a talked one never before offered in logical discourse. At current the condemned "indicate, hint" feeling is uncovered in print chiefly in letters to the editor and also various other informal pclimbed, not in major intellectual creating. The debate over the "indicate, hint" feeling has apparently diminished the frequency with which the "indicate" feeling of infer is offered.

May I remark right here that although I seem to infer that private communication is an unholy mess of grammatical barbarism, … such is not my intent … — V. Louise Higgins, "Approaching Usage in the Classroom," English Journal, March 1960 … I infer that Swinburne discovered an enough outlet for the creative impulse in his poetry … — T. S. Eliot, The Sacred Wood, 1920 Lucy … reseated herself with an alacrity and also cheerfulness which appeared to infer that she can taste no better delight … — Jane Austen, Sense and also Sensibility, 1811 It"s challenging to infer exactly how these transforms will impact simple citizens. Are you inferring that I"m wrong?
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Recent Examples on the Web But world shouldn"t infer infectiousness from a Ct worth, shelp Dr. Krutika Kuppalli, an contagious illness doctor and also an assistant professor at the Medical College of South Carolina. — NBC News, 12 Aug. 2021 The researchers then infer which political ads are being targeted at which groups of users—information that Facebook doesn’t publicize. — Gilad Edelguy, Wired, 4 Aug. 2021 Government officials and also researchers achoose are gravely pertained to that the findings might shake belief in the vaccines, hobbling the nation’s immunization project, have to Americans infer wrongly that the shots are not efficient. — New York Times, 30 July 2021 The muons emerged from the various other end of the magnet right into a field-totally free area wright here their orientation could be measured, allowing the experimenters to infer their g-2. — Robert P. Crease, Scientific American, 2 May 2021 Panels deserve to watch gender and infer race, raising the possibility of aware or unmindful bias. — Nicole Gaouette, CNN, 6 May 2021 In the instance of LIGO, over, this led us to not just detect gravitational waves, but to meacertain their properties and also infer the full amount of energy developed in the events that first offered increase to them. — Ethan Siegel, Forbes, 18 June 2021 The trappings of prestige had been removed, yet that simply left employees to infer borders, and also everyone erred on the side of caution. — Molly Young, Curbed, 26 Apr. 2021 First, the team collection out to investigate whether people infer guilt from anger. — Hbs Working Knowledge, Forbes, 15 June 2021

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History and also Etymology for infer

Center French or Latin; Center French inferer, from Latin inferre, literally, to carry or carry right into, from in- + ferre to bring — even more at bear