Body measurements


179.1 cm (5 ft 10.5 in)


80 kg (176 lb)

Waist size

83 cm (33 in)

Shoe size

10 US


Date of birth

May 01, 1982



Zodiac sign



Northern Ireland



Sexual Orientation




Eyes color


Hair color



Who is Jamie Dornan?


The multi-talented Belquick male, Jamie Dornan has actually attained celebrity status as a version and an actor.

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Early Accomplishments

While in high school, he was connected and proactively partook in drama productions and also rugby competitions.

He tried his hands on a modelling fact display in 2001 and also failed out however landed a modelling contract. 

In 2003, he landed a gig for Abercrombie & Fitch and also later for Hugo Boss and Armani.

Best Knvery own For

His modelling career has actually watched him version for fashion names such as Calvin Klein, Dior Homme and Vogue ranking him among the 25 best models ever before.

He was chosen as the male confront of Hugo Boss signature fragrance, Boss The Scent in 2018.

His most famed on-display screen gig hregarding be playing the main function in all the Fifty Shades films. 

He was also the murderous antagonist in Irish TV crime thriller, The Fall from 2013 to 2016.

Sexual Orientation

Jamie is right and has actually been a husband to Amelia Warner given that 2013 after a year of engagement. They began dating in 2010 after meeting each various other through a frifinish at a Hollylumber party. 

Before her, he has actually been through a handful of woguys which includes Kate Moss and also Keira Knightley. 


He is the youngest child and only boy of Jim and also Lorna Dornan. 

His mommy passed amethod once he was 16 because of pancreatic cancer. 

His sisters are Liesa and Jessica. He came to be a father to Dulcie in 2013 and also aget in 2016 to Elva.

His father-in-regulation is actor Alun Lewis.


As per religious beliefs, he grew up via a lot of Methodist Christianity affect but tright here is uncertainty around his devoutness. 

Worth To Know

He percreated via Sons of Jim for 2 years until the group’s disbandment in 2008.

He is an asthma sufferer.

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In interwatch he pointed out that wears shoe size UK9 (US10).He hates shaving.
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