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Cedar KnollsA Subdepartment of Monroeestabliburned 1913


Cedar Knolls was establiburned in 1913, two centuries after kind of, Monroe, and also Malapardis were settled. Cedar Knolls was produced when land also within the districts of Monroe was subdivided and also readily available for sale. It originated once Menko H. Wolfe purchased and subseparated a 114-acre tract of land well-known as the Charles W. Ford Estate. A subdivision map was filed with the Morris County Clerk on December 16, 1913. The subdepartment was lassist out on the north side of Ridgedale Avenue which was then called Morristown Roadway. It ran from Faircheck out Avenue to Mountain Avenue and also from Morristvery own Roadway to North Belair. The Cedar Knolls subdepartment is composed of three roadways, 6 opportunities, and 374 housing lots.

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In 1914 the subdivision was marketed to Bertha Wolfe that established the W-B Camp and Bungalow Company type of and opened up a Cedar Knolls sales office at the Baldwin Real Estate Agency in Morristvery own to industry the land. The agency offered summer dwellings, camps, and also bungalow pmany quarter-, half-, and also one-acre lots starting at $100. By 1916 the bungalow company had actually developed and sold over 50 bungalows; 300 civilization were remaining in Cedar Knolls in the time of the summer, and also 100 stayed as irreversible inhabitants.

At that time the railroad was the many well-known and effective accessibility to Cedar Knolls. Between 1914 and also 1916 the W-B Camp and also Bungalow Company type of urged the Morristvery own and Erie Railroad Company type of to change the name of the Monroe train stop to Cedar Knolls. In 1915 a passenger train terminal was developed in Monroe. In 1918 the name of the Monroe Station was adjusted to Monroe-Cedar Knolls. In 1919 the Cedar Knolls Fire Department, Inc. was established and in 1923 the Cedar Knolls write-up office was establiburned.

Prior to becoming Cedar Knolls, the Charles W. Ford homestead was informally recognized as “The Knolls.” In an effort to glamorize the subdivision, Menko H. Wolfe named it “Cedar Knolls,” presumably in observance of the abundance of cedar trees that had grown up on the fallow fields of the Ford farm. The W-B Camp and Bungalow Company type of advertised the location as “Cedar Knolls in the Mountains.”

Cedar Knolls is the highest and also quietest area in Hanover Township. It is convenient to its very own shopping center, write-up office, fireresidence, first help squad, beautiful churches, and highmethod access. It is mostly residential through attractive housing on small productive lots.

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This summary of Cedar Knolls is a condensed narrative from— A Place Called kind of, 2nd Edition—Chapter 4— Villeras of Hanover Township.