The adhering to recap, by the extremely meaning of the word recap, includes major spoilers from this Sunday’s Once Upon a Time.

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This week on ABC’s Once Upon a Time,

Mr. Gold discovered his boy in New York City, Emma ran right into a familiar confront, Cora and Regina revealed their wicked endgame and also a pivotal item of Rumplestiltskin’s backstory was revealed.

IN THE FAIRYTALE LAND THAT WAS…. | Though Milah fears for his life, Rumplestiltskin is jazzed to be dubbed to the front line of the Ogre Wars, so that he could escape his father’s cowardly shadow. Reporting for duty, he is tasked through guarding someone who could “readjust the tide” of the war — a young, blind seer. For starters, the lass reveals that Milah is via kid. She likewise cautions Rumple that his actions on the battlefield will certainly leave his kid fathermuch less. Rumple is skeptical, however once the girl’s various other vision — that the army will ride right into battle on “cows” (which wound up meaning cowhide saddles) — holds true, he hobbles himself to escape the battle and also rerevolve residence, where Milah introduces their newborn son Baelfire. When Rumple comments on the “strong name,” Milah states he’ll require it, being the child of a coward. “I did this all for the boy,” Rumple describes, “to save him from growing up without a father!” Mean, intend Milah retorts that Bae is consigned to a worse fate, “as your child,” and states she’d rather her husband also had actually combated and died. Alone through his boy, Rumplestiltskin assures, “I will certainly never leave you.” (Has Robert Carlyle ever before been better?)

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IN NEW YORK CITY…. | Arriving at Baelfire’s apartment structure — whose exterior and vestibule didn’t enhance the one filmed in New York City for the seaboy premiere — through Mr. Gold and Henry, Emma rings the one unmarked buzzer, announcing a distribution into the intercom, then hears someone accessing the fire escape. They hurry exterior to spy a hoodied male scurrying down the sidewalk. Gold tells Emma he desires to cash in on his favor: “Get him to talk to me!”

A footchase ends with Emma tackling… baby daddy Neal Cassidy! (Non-surprise!) Emma has so many kind of inquiries, including 1) whether Neal is the child of Rumplestiltskin (answer: yes) and 2) if he knew who/what Emma was once they first met.

Sitting in a bar, Neal insists he had actually no concept that Emma was and also in reality has labored to “obtain amethod from all that crap.” Neal relates just how August showed him his typewriter (a-ha!) via a piece of paper that read “I understand you are Baelfire” to prove their mutual past once saying that Neal needed to walk amethod from Emma. (“You let me go to prichild bereason Pinocchio told you to??”) Even so, Neal believes that while “there’s not a ton about my father that doesn’t suck,” he constantly shelp tbelow were no coincidences, so, “Maybe we met for a reason? Maybe something good came of it?” “Nopoint that I have the right to think of,” Emma utters, withholding the Henry news, as she hands ago the keychain gift she’d been wearing as a necklace. Wonderful job-related by Jennifer Morrison.

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After Emma reports earlier that Bae “got ameans,” Gold breaks right into the apartment. As they snoop about, Gold gleans that Emma is lying about Bae. “We had actually a deal!” Gold roars, as Neal comes barreling in to make sure Emma is OK. “You 2 know each other…? How?!” Gold asks. Sure ’nuff, Neal’s curiosity about Henry/his age puts the pieces together for everyone associated. Shocked to learn that the story of his dead fireguy dad was a lie,

Henry sulks on the fire escape, while Gold calls dibs on his convo via Bae.

Outside, Emma defines to Henry that his father “was a thief, a liar that broke my heart, a part of my life I wanted to forget” — to which the boy counters, “You’re simply like Regina; she always lied to me too.” Inside, Rumple admits to Bae that he made mistakes and “there is no greater pain than regret. Let me make it as much as you.” Neal/Bae can’t imagine exactly how, and also quickly shoots down his dad’s offer to revolve him earlier into a 14-year-old (!). “You have actually no idea what I’ve lived via,” Neal states, revealing that not a night goes by that he doesn’t check out Rumple releasing his grip, letting Bae loss through the portal alone. “Now I’m letting you go.” Touché. And a really nice task by Michael-Raymond James, making the unactual feel real.

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MEANWHILE IN STORYBROOKE…. | Mary Margaret and David marvel over Emma’s news that Rumple’s child Bae turned out to be Henry’s father. “It’s a great thing we don’t have actually Thanksoffering in our land also,” David comments, “because that dinner would suck“…. Cora consoles Regina, who’s missing Henry. Overhearing, Hook notes that if Rumple is out of town, he’s powermuch less and have the right to be killed: “I deserve my vengeance!” Cora suggests they rather search for The Dark One’s dagger. Using a Dewey decimal clue (literally) lifted from Belle’s handbag, Cora, Regina and also Hook discover in the library a map that leads to the dagger… and also then the ladies KO the captain. With the dagger, Cora tells her daughter, they deserve to command Rumple to kill their opponents while leaving Regina’s hands clean. At the same time, hospital patient Greg iPhoned the display screen of magic Regina offered in Belle’s room and also emailed it to his lady friend. (Dude. YouTube that noise!)

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BACK IN THE FAIRYTALE LAND THAT WAS…. | Rumplestiltskin aka The Dark One confronts the grown-up seer and also fills her in on his lousy lot in life — all bereason

of the “pesky details” she left out last time roughly. She describes that Rumple will uncover his son, yet that it won’t be easy. It will require a curse to be cast, and broken, and then a young boy will certainly lead him to Bae. “But beware,” the seer states via her dying breath, “because the boy is even more than he shows up. The boy will certainly be your undoing.”

Rumple shrugs, “Then I’ll simply need to kill him!” as we reduced earlier to New York City, wbelow Gold eyeballs Henry talking to Neal on the (Bael)fire escape.

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What’s your take on “Manhattan”? The foregone conclusion of Bae’s identification aside, did it entertain? Remember: I’ll be moderating the Once Upon a Time Paleyfest panel the day of the following new episode, March 3, so send alengthy a Q or 2 you’d favor considered.