Abby (Pauley Perrette) doesn't simply whistle while she works—she rocks out. To acquire into the zone, this forensic scientist blares EDM and also and also head bobs her way into a fertile trance.​STREAM:Full Episodes OfNCISOn All AccessBecause she's so unique, Abby gets amethod via things that Gibbs (Mark Harmon) wouldn't put up via from anyone else on the NCIS team. Check out some even more ways that it's good to be Abby Sciuto.Watch all new episodes ofNCISon Tuesdays at 8/7c on All Access.

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When Gibbs told Abby not to speak to him "sir," she didn't skip a beat before calling him "ma'am." Can you imagine if McGee tried to pull the very same stunt? No way!
While everyone else sports even more conservative outfits to the office, Abby has actually never been one to just follow the crowd. This trendsetter doesn't leave her individual style at the door. Instead, she proudly rocks her dark apparel, studded necklaces, and chunky boots under her lab coat—and looks fabulous doing it.
Remember as soon as Abby thought Gibbs foracquired her birthday and ignored him throughout the whole day? Yeah, well, we're 99.9% certain that no one else can ever gain ameans through shunning Gibbs and also live to tell the tale.
Not just does Abby have actually a plethora of ink, she additionally proudly display screens it. We'd love to watch Bishop try to acquire ameans with rocking a spiderinternet neck tattoo at work!
Everyone has a means of dealing with anxiety in the worklocation. Some people pick anxiety balls, others use breathing methods. Abby? Well, Abby hugs her repertoire of stuffed animals—also as soon as they're a little gassy (ahem, Bert).
Both Abby and also Gibbs are fluent in American Sign Language, and a lot to DiNozzo's annoyance, they use it to communicate. One of our favorite sign moments? When Gibbs said he loved Abby after a particularly stressful day.
It's rare to check out Gibbs in the office without his coffee cup in hand also, yet it's even rarer to watch Abby without a large cup of Caf-Pow. Gibbs doesn't mind that Abby is caffeinated, he even delivers her favorite drink to her regularly!

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The 2 have actually a father-daughter relationship, and also they're not afrhelp to expush their admiration for one an additional. It's not unprevalent for Abby to run and jump right into Gibbs' arms or for Gibbs to plant a kiss on Abby's forehead.​STREAM:Full Episodes OfNCISOn All AccessWatch all brand-new episodes ofNCISon Tuesdays at 8/7c on All Access.