Want to recognize what occurred to Zach, Marcus, Alex, Justin, Monty, Jessica and also the various other students at Liberty High in seachild two? Here's an introduction of the plot for the major personalities.

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2. What Happened To Zach In 13 Reasons Why?

Zach is on tape seven in the first season for stealing notes from Hannah after she publicly rejected his advancements. In seaboy 2, we learn that Zach and also Hannah had a mystery connection and that they lost their virginity to each various other. Zach wanted to save the partnership a mystery, so Hannah break-up up with him. Zach attempts to make points better by helping Alex through his recoextremely and testifying in court.

3. What Did Marcus Do In 13 Reasons Why?

Marcus was on tape 6 in the first seakid for trying to sexually assault Hannah on a date and also is extremely vocal in trying to suppush the tapes. In season 2, Marcus lies in court and also says Hannah freaked out on him bereason “she wasn't right into me” when in truth she was into Bryce. Marcus is then blackmailed by Tyler to publicly call Bryce a rapist and admit he is guilty of protecting him.


4. Why Does Jessica Hate Justin?

Justin and also Jessica's partnership is hella messy yet let us break it down for you. In S1, Jessica is raped by Justin's friend Bryce while she's asleep at a party. Justin successfully let this occur as he faibrought about face Bryce properly and also speak him. When Hannah Baker reveals that she saw the rape, Justin lies to Jessica and also says Hannah is lying and it didn't take place. At some point he admits Hannah was informing the fact and also they break up. In S2, Justin tries to look for forgiveness from Jessica.

5. What Happened To Justin On 13 Reasons Why?

Justin was on tapes 1 and also 9 in the first seakid. The initially tape was bereason lying about having sex via Hannah and also sending a photo of her round the college. The second was for allowing Bryce to rape Jessica. In seaboy 2, Justin has actually end up being homemuch less and a heroin addict. He attempts to acquire clean to help testify for Jessica, who he still loves. Clay's parents offer to take on him, as he cannot stay through his mum anyeven more.

6. What Happened To Jessica In 13 Reasons Why?

Jessica was on tape two in the seaboy one for ditching Hannah as a friend. After that the tapes we find Jessica was raped by Bryce when she was drunk yet she is convinced that it isn't true by others on the tapes, especially Justin. In seakid 2, Jessica is struggling to come to terms through the assault and at first refuses to cite it in court. Afterwards, she is persuaded to press charges versus Bryce. In the final episode she hooks up through Justin at the sphere.

7. Why Happened To Alex In 13 Reasons Why?

Alex was on tape 3 in seachild one for contributing to a list which sassist Hannah had a “nice ass”. It was largely responsible for the breakdvery own of Hannah's friendship through Jessica. At the finish of seakid one, Alex shoots himself in the head. In seaboy 2, Alex is struggling via his recoextremely and also possibly his sexuality. After he gets into a fight through Zach, he gets an erection (previously he couldn't after the shooting) although it is not stated aget after.

8. What Did Sheri Do In 13 Reasons Why?

Sheri was on tape 10 in seakid one for failing to acexpertise her function in the death of Jeff (she craburned into a road authorize and fairesulted in report it – at the exact same spot Jeff dies in a website traffic accident moments later). In seaboy two, Sheri is a very various person. She has actually completed her punishment for her involvement in Jeff's death and helps Clay to acquire Justin off heroin and discover even more information on the polaroids.

9. Who Is Monty On 13 Reasons Why? And What Did He Do?

"Monty, complete name Montgomery, was a minor character on season one. A member of Bryce's gang, he was greatly watched bullying other students, specifically Tyler. In season 2, he tries to intimated those testifying in Hannah's situation by anonymously sending threatening messperiods. Ultimately, he is exposed and Bryce distances himself from Monty. He takes his frustrations out on Tyler by beating him up and also sexually assaulting him with a broom. No action is taken versus him.

10. What Happens To Mr Porter In 13 Reasons Why?

Mr Porter, the school counsellor, is on tape 13 in the first seakid for not helping Hannah when she pertained to him to report being raped. In seachild two, Mr Porter knows he is on 'borrowed time' and also is viewed trying to aid the other students on the tape to atone for his actions, hoping he have the right to do the most great before the tapes are public knowledge and also he loses his task.

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11. What Happens To Courtney In 13 Reasons Why?

Courtney is on tape 5 in the initially seachild for spanalysis lies about Hannah to cover up for the truth she is struggling through her sex-related identity. She strongly denies what is shelp on the tape. In a somewhat surpincrease move, in seakid two Courtney admits to fabricating lies about Hannah in the court and also comes out of the closet.