Game of Thrones Seachild 8 has already been exceptionally good to Podrick Payne (Daniel Portman), providing the supporting character his own featured rendition of the "Jenny of Oldstones" song in Episode 2, which only helped rise his popularity. One of his most, um, memorable scenes was ago in Season 3, when Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) paid for the young lad to visit a brothel, and also all three prostitutes returned Pod"s money bereason they delighted in the experience so a lot they did it for complimentary.

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Tyrion and Bronn were shocked and also impressed and also demanded all the details. And supposedly many female fans have actually been trying to acquire the same story in perboy -- while acquiring a tiny also handsy.

Actor Daniel Portman, now age 27, talked to Esquire around the highs and also lows of Game of Thrones offering him a reputation for being a sex god. On the low side, some fans can"t seem to keep their hands to themselves:

I’ve been ordered by so many… like the amount of prefer older, older womales that are very… . . . What deserve to you do? You know? Obviously tell them not to execute it. It hasn"t taken place for a while. In today and also age you’d think that people would have the ability to separate fact from fiction. I do not want to say it comes via the area, however, you know, people are crazy around it. It"s absolutely not cool.

It is not cool. It"s not cool once a guy does it to a girl and also it"s not cool as soon as a girl does it to a male. Keep your hands to yourself. Period.

On the upside, though, Daniel Portguy admitted he has actually enjoyed other benefits of Pod"s reputation. When Game of Thrones fans satisfy him, he said, they desire to understand about the brothel scene. What makes Pod so good at sex? Is it the dimension or just how he offers it, so to speak? Here"s what he typically tells fans:

A magician never reveals his keys. If I fucking kbrand-new my life would certainly be extremely various. I was 20 once that happened, so it was type of like a child in a candy shop. When you tell a 20-year-old actor, who’s type of stumbled onto this massive TV present, that every one of a sudden you"re meant to be Casanova, people everywhere the people wonder whether or not it"s true. I would be lying if I said that that hadn"t been fun.

Yeah, it need to be fun to instantly be given a great reputation in bed -- yet just from human being that blur the line in between fact and fiction. And some of those human being, as he provided, also cross the line right into groping him without consent out.

The Bachelor"s Colton Underlumber recently had actually a comparable endure, once he shelp he was "got and also touched inappropriately while world were throwing camages in my face" at an event.

Daniel Portman"s fellow Video Game of Thrones star Kit Harington has actually spoken out on the objectification of guys and also women, calling it "demeaning" when he"s lessened to "a head of hair or a set of looks." He sassist it made him uncomfortable to be sexualized and also objectified in that method, arguing there"s a double conventional for males and woguys on that front.

Game of Thrones Seachild 8 only has four episodes left, consisting of The Battle of Winterdropped this Sunday, April 28. On the eve of battle, Pod shocked Tyrion -- again -- through his beautiful singing voice. Daniel Portguy thanked fans for their responses to the song:

The official Game of Thrones account posted a stunning lyric video for Florence + the Machine"s version of "Jenny of Oldstones" after Episode 2. Seakid 8, Episode 3 is going to be intense, and also the fight airs from 9 to 10:25 p.m. EST on HBO.

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