a shortened or contracted form of a word or expression, offered to reexisting the whole, as Dr. for Doctor,UNITED STATE for United States,lb. for pound.

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an act of abbreviating; state or result of being abbreviated; reduction in length, duration, etc.; abridgment; summary: His abbreviation of his well known monograph, an huge venture in itself, made a fantastic introduction to the volume of collected essays of which he was the editor.
a brief expression or reduced form supplied to recurrent a larger, even more complicated principle, situation, set of beliefs, and so on.: “Freedom of speech” has come to be an abbreviation for a wide range of debate—and also situation law—about protesters' legal rights.The artist presented an abbreviation of line, aircraft, and also curve; she creates breathtaking abstract depictions of bodies you expect to leap off the canvas and start dancing.

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First videotaped in 1400–50; late Center English abbreviacioun from Center French or directly from Late Latin abbreviātiōn- (stem of abbreviātiō ). See abbreviate, -ion
Abbreviation is the the majority of commonly supplied term for a shortened or contracted develop of a word or expression. Abbreviations of single words are commonly developed utilizing the initially letter or letters of the word ( n. = noun; adj. = adjective ), the first letter and the last letter ( hr. = hour; Sr. = Senior ), or the a lot of considerable letters ( TNT = trinitrotoluene; Pvt. = Private ). Abbreviations might be nearly as old as writing itself; they enable a writer to conserve time, area, and also effort. The expense of materials choose parchment, paper, and also ink was one more significant inspiration to shorten words and also phrases. Even via the development of the printing push, cost continued to be necessary, and printers searched for means to save room without diluting the message. Many abbreviations have actually become traditional, including abbreviations for days of the week ( Mon., Tues. ) and months of the year ( Jan., Feb. ); widespread Latin terms ( lb., e.g. ); units of time and measurement ( min., ft. ); titles of people ( Mrs., Rev. ); and also titles or names of organizations ( NCAA, UNESCO ), government bodies ( SCOTUS, EPA ), and states and also cities ( Pa., NYC ). The usual practice in American English is to usage a duration to end any type of abbreviation that stands for a solitary word (for instance, assoc. or assn. for association ), whereas in British English the period is commonly omitted if the abbreviation consists of the last letter of the word. For example, in British writing the word association could be abbreviated as either assoc. or assn (without the period); additionally, Fr. is an abbreviation for France, while Fr (no period) is the abbreviation for Father (as the title for a priest). Phrases are generally abbreviated by utilizing the first letters or initial sections of each word or each important word, typically without any kind of periods. Similarly, a single lengthy word is sometimes abbreviated via the initial letters of component parts of the word. Unfavor plain abbreviations for single words, which are nearly always read as if the word were spelled out (as by analysis “Dr.” as “Doctor” and also “lb.” as “pound”), abbreviations consisting of initials are usually check out as written—either letter by letter or as a single word. An abbreviation that is pronounced letter by letter, favor FBI for Federal Bureau of Investigation or DOD for Department of Defense or TV for tv, is described as an initialism. Many abbreviations for phrases, but, are pronounced as words: for instance, NATO for N(orth) A(tlantic) T(reaty) O(rganization) or radar for ra(dio) d(etecting) a(nd) r(anging). This type of abbreviation is referred to as an acronym. Some acronyms, choose radar, laser, scuba, and also Gestapo, have actually come to be so welcomed as normal words that a lot of civilization are unmindful of their acronymic beginnings. In many instances an main name might be favored purely to create an proper and also catchy acronym, as in the federal "Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act" of 2010 (the "CALM Act"). In a loosened sense, initialism deserve to refer to any kind of abbreviation written of initials, even if pronounced as a word; conversely, acronym has been widely adopted to describe any kind of such abbreviation, even if it is pronounced letter by letter. But the difference in between true acronyms (pronounced as words) and also pure initialisms (said letter by letter), is a beneficial one. To complicate the worry, however, tbelow are hybrid forms—part initialism, component acronym—favor CD-ROM ( /ˈsiˌdiˈrɒm/ ) and JPEG /ˈdʒeɪˌpɛg/ )—for which one term is as great as the other. With the increasing popularity of email, text messaging, and social media, people—particularly young people—have discovered brand-new ways to save time and space, bond via friends with usage of in-group jargon, and also store their communications opaque to prying parental eyes, by making use of initialisms to recurrent prevalent expressions. Amongst the many popular are OMG (Oh my God), BTW (by the way), AFAIK (as much as I know), LOL (laughing out loud), ROTFL (rolling on the floor laughing), IMHO (in my humble opinion), FWIW (for what it’s worth), TTYL (talk to you later), and also bff (ideal friends forever). BTW, IMHO, the rest of the population is catching on quick. OMG!


abbreviation , acronym, initialism

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compendium, clipping, abstraction, compression, abstract, outline, sketch, summary, précis, syllabus, reduction, condensation, synopsis, abridgement, digest, contraction