Borderlands 3 has many alternatives to customize your character. One of the cute points are the weapon trinkets. These are bit churts that you can hang off the side of your gun. When Gearbox first revealed the visibility of these trinkets I believed they were useless items. And in some sense, they are usemuch less bereason they don't include any type of bonus stats or somepoint. However, now that I played the game, these trinkets are nice bit individual touches. Also, gotta catch 'm all.

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Borderlands 3

Equip Weapon Trinkets

That shelp, currently that you collected a trinket, the game doesn’t describe just how to equip among these. To equip a weapon trinket, open up your menu and also go to your backfill inventory. Here, you have the right to equip the weapons that you are transporting. If you look to your equipped weapons, there is a tiny empty box to the left of them. By navigating to it, this will certainly open up a new window on the oppowebsite side of the screen through your arsenal of trinkets. Select one of the trinkets and also it will present up on your gun as soon as you use it in the game.

How to gain Weapon Trinkets

At the start of the game, you won’t have actually any type of weapon trinkets. There are 3 ways to exactly how you can obtain them. Trinkets are component of the loot device in Borderlands 3, so they can drop from opponents or display up in chests. Bosses have the right to drop legendary trinkets or you obtain them as a search reward.

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Anvarious other way to obtain weapon trinkets is to shop at Crazy Earl on Sanctuary 3. He will certainly market you various cosmetic items for Eridium.