I am puzzled about that when I want to ask someone "What is your opinion of it", I should usage

How do you think of it? or What perform you think of it?

Or both above are correct?



"What perform you think of it" is correct, "How..." is not. For instance, "What do you think of this paint I made?"


To ask an opinion use

What perform you think (about) this painting? What perform you think of this painting?

Using "how" would ask more about one"s procedure of reasoning, not the actual thoughts.

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Student: What do we know around this painting?


Teacher: To understand this picture, one have to understand also Van Gogh. We recognize it is a photo of the check out from wright here he was living, and we understand this was an extremely prolific period of his life. Eventhough it is a night scene, he painted it throughout the day, and also at the moment he was living in a psychological asylum. How could these last 2 facts influence the means we think around this most famous painting? Did he paint a night scene because he was insane? He had actually simply cut off his ear. He made 21 research studies of the scene prior to completing the painting. How should we think around this?

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lookX. "what carry out you think around earth"?

Y. "I thik it is circle".

X. "just how perform think of its circleness? carry out you think it is true?"

so,usage "how" for check up someone"s perseption of something!!

we usage "what" while i am asking somethong for the initially time! expect that to know what he/she think of it!!!!

after we heared someone"s reasoning towards someting, then,usage "how" through pronouns such as "him", "it", "its" instead of calling the name of the person/thing that we asked about!!

what.... about +pronoun/possesive nounwhat execute you know around Jack/him!

how.......of + possesive adjective+nounjust how perform you think of his mother?

or X. what perform you think around love,Mr Y?

Y. I think love is a backbone of life.

X. How do you think of it Mr Z?

Z. wsteustatiushistory.org, I have actually simply a similar reasoning wiht Mr Y.

so, "how" is normally used for contrasting someone"s persepective via others in the direction of someting!

What is commonly used to understand their understanding through out being expressed!!!

we deserve to say "how carry out you think it?"

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