The definition of a/c is Account and also various other definitions are situated at the bottom which take area within Accounting terminology and a/c has 2 various meaning. All definitions which belengthy to a/c abbreviation are take part only within Accounting terminology and other definitions are not discovered. If you desire to view other interpretations, please click the a/c interpretation attach. Hence, you will be directed to web page which indicates all definitions of a/c. Unmuch less tright here are 2 various meanings a/c abbreviation at the bottom, please search aacquire by inputting question structures such as “what does a/c suppose in Accounting, the meaning of a/c in Accounting”. Besides, you can search by keying a/c in the search box which is discovered our website.

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a/c Meaning in Accounting

AccountAn account is the physical record of the transactions incurred pertained to an ascollection, licapability, revenue, cost and so on. Account Current

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What does a/c stand for Accounting?

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What does a/c meaning stand for Accounting?

a/c definition represents Account Current.

What is the interpretation of a/c abbreviation in Accounting?

The interpretation of a/c abbreviation is `Account Current` in Accounting. What is a/c meaning ? a/c definition is "Account Current". What does a/c suppose in Accounting? a/c suppose that "Account" for Accounting. What is a/c acronym ? a/c acronym is "Account". What is shorthand of Account ? The shorthand of "Account" is a/c. What is the meaning of a/c acronym in Accounting? Definitions of a/c shorthand also is "Account Current". What is the full create of a/c abbreviation? Full form of a/c abbreviation is "Account". What is the full interpretation of a/c in Accounting? Full definition of a/c is "Account". What is the explanation for a/c in Accounting? Explacountry for a/c is "Account Current".
What is the interpretation of a/c Abbreviation in Astrology ?

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a/c Abbreviation in Astrology a/c (letter a)

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a/c (letter /) a/c (letter c)

You are a very social individual, and also it is necessary to you to have actually a partnership. You need closeness and also togetherness. You need to be able to talk to your sex partner prior to, throughout, and also after. You want the object of your affection to be socially acceptable and also good looking. You watch your lover as a friend and also companion. You are extremely sexual and sensual, needing someone to appreciate and also practically worship you. When this cannot be completed, you have actually the capacity to go for lengthy durations without sexual activity. You are an professional at controlling your desires and doing without.