"Do it for the Vine" is an expression provided to urge someone to perdevelop a dare on video camera for a Vine video. It became a famous catchexpression within the area after a video clip clip of a tiny girl dancing to the chant went viral on the vide-sharing platdevelop in January 2014.

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On June 2second, 2013, YouTuber Kaye Trill uploaded a hip hop track titled "Do It For The Vine," featuring lyrics describing the exercise of making Vine videos through mobile gadgets (shown below).


On September 13th, 2013, BuzzFeed<3> highlighted numerous significant "#DoItForTheVine" tagged videos in which civilization perdevelop a range of stunts. On October 13th, Urban Dictionary<1> user Vine Master submitted an entry for "do it for the vine," defining it as a phrase supplied to guide human being to perdevelop entertaining acts upon video camera.


On November 14th, Viner Tpindell uploaded a brief comedy sketch video in which he walks on a woman dancing to the "Do it for the Vine" song, garnering over 5,600 likes and also 3,500 revines in the following six months (displayed below). On January first, 2014, a Facebook<2> page titled "Do it for the Vine" was introduced, accumulating upwards of 33,000 likes in five months.





Notable Examples

I Ain"t Gonna Do It

On January 2fifth, 2014, Viner Diamonique Shuler posted a video of womale singing the expression "Do it for the Vine" to a young girl that responds "I ain"t gonna do it" while dancing (displayed below). Within 5 months, the video obtained over 592,000 revines and 543,000 likes.

On January 31st, YouTuber Vine Virals uploaded a compilation of Vines parodying Shuler"s video, gathering more than 2.4 million views and also 1,200 comments in the initially five months (shown below).

On April 10th, the Sesame Street Vine feed uploaded a parody video in which the puppet Elmo sings the "Do it for the Vine" song through actor Craig Robinchild (displayed below). In the next two months, the video garnered upwards of 47,000 likes and also 45,000 revines.

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