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What is the definition of this sentence. Is it simply choose "I understand also you", or choose "I agree via you". Does it means only that you´re acquiring what the other person says or that you feel the very same way?


It"s a slang and also informal to some Amerihave the right to steustatiushistory.org speakers, it means: "I understand also you", "I agree via you", "I sympathize", "I hear you", it denotes that you understand what they"re saying and even more importantly you understand exactly how they"re feeling.

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It basically suggests "I understand you", yet it"s slightly more nuanced than the literal sense of "I understand also you".

A : It harms me once people assume I"m a criminal. B : I feel you.

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B isn"t just connecting that he understands A (i.e. he understands the message that is being conveyed), yet that he has personal experience through the feeling itself (e.g. he has actually thought/felt the same thing himself, or probably he can relate it to somepoint a close friend or family member experienced)

As such, I think the best translation would certainly be:

A : It damages me once people assume I"m a criminal. B : I recognize the feeling.

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