provides the majority of meanings concerning an implement or instrument, especially inanimate objects.

But the word has actually crept right into slang in referral to civilization, as in "he is a total tool." Would this mean that he is someone"s "puppet?" Or if someone sassist, "He is a tool of IBM," would certainly this suppose that he was a (thoughtlessly loyal) firm man? Could this refer to a type of soldier (e.g. a Japanese throughout World War II) who would jump off a cliff if ordered to carry out so by an officer?


Yes, tool in this context suggests that IBM have the right to use him whatever before means they pick, that he is obedient. It"s typically supplied, though, in a conmessage where the connection is slightly unexpected, unwitting, or inappropriate. The tool lacks self-awareness. A soldier would certainly not be an excellent example, then, given that soldiers are not expected to act independent of their superiors’ orders.

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We can say "Speaker John Boehner has come to be a tool of the Tea Party," which is remarkable because of the inversion of the usual connection in between the Speaker of the House and a factivity of his supporters. (If you prefer the politics reversed, you have the right to discover people who say "President Obama is a tool of the Muslim Brotherhood.")

Update: For total tool (as opposed to mere tool), it is an insult as John Q Public argues.


Usually, referring to someone as just a "tool" (with no qualifiers) is referring to meaning 9 as checked out at

Slang: Vulgar Dick.

So it"s about the same as calling them a jerk, a dickhead, and so forth.

Referring to them as "a tool of X", on the various other hand also, does have the implication that you refer to: they are a loyal instrument that deserve to be counted on to perform X"s bidding and to act in X"s interests at all times.


I note that everyone on this thcheck out so far is US based. To administer a British perspective, Hellion's answer is perfectly correct. The OP's expression "he is a total tool" in the UK would certainly be taken as fairly a major insult.
You"re asking around two sepaprice interpretations.

He"s a total tool can suppose a prick/jerk/ass/dork/nerd and some various other offensive words that I"ll leave to your creativity. The meaning would certainly depfinish on the speaker and also what the person does that provides him a tool. It"s a pejorative primarily booked for males.

On the other hand, you"re correct concerning He is a tool of IBM. It does suppose that he"s thoughtlessly loyal, but it deserve to also expect that he"s a prop or a puppet being used by IBM, suggesting he"s either under manage by or manipulated by IBM. In various other words, it"s an allegory arguing he is used by IBM much favor one might use a wrench to tighten a bolt.


I am not saying that tool cannot be supplied for being a jerk or prick however we would commonly usage it instead of dumbass or someone that is lacking intelligence.

Urban dictionary:One that lacks the psychological capacity to know he is being provided. A fool. A cretin. Characterized by low knowledge and/or self-steem.


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Tright here is a generalization of the interpretation that someone "is a tool (in whatever before context)".Based on my experience, this defines someone that is acting with excellent ignorance as to their purpose (in a instance or generally), commonly on behalf of one more party in a grander plan.A correlation is to a tool itself, such as a screwdriver, which by itself has actually no specific function various other than to compliment some higher goal, otherwise unconscious of its role in the larger job.Therefore a perkid described mostly "as a tool" reflects their base impulses (such as an pet or inanimate object) and inability to understand also higher level functions.In a specific conmessage such as being provided "as a tool by (some party)", mirrors the individual"s lack of understanding of their role (much prefer a puppet) in a grander system.