My memory tells me that "justify" has been supplied to describe some informal verification, not necessarily formal proof. I wonder if it is true? If yes, in what feeling is "justify" informal? For example, only should prove necessarity not sufficiency?

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A computation, effectively lassist out, is of course a proof. However, many type of students, after years of multiple choice tests, have actually learned to take the point of see that the answer is the only thing that matters.

"Justify" can be a reminder that the trouble will be graded very closely, that (contrary to their usual experience) a slapdash computation will not necessarily get complete marks.

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I do not think that "justify" carries any connotation of "you need just present need however not sufficiency."

"Prove," in a course conmessage, have the right to often expect that an extra or less certain set of tools have to be provided. "Justify" has an extra informal feel, yet I carry out not think of it as carrying a reduced level of precision.


To me, "justify" means to lay out the steustatiushistory.orgematical believed process step by step, so that the line from the founding allude to the ending point is connected.

It is a bit much less formal than a proof, which has actually certain logical demands, yet it indicates, "show sufficient work-related so that I know that you get the entirety point."



I likewise encounter "justify", other than as a synonym for "prove", in meta-steustatiushistory.orgematical conversation. Sometimes (most the time) the writer of a book will design a notation for a certain object being studied. In this case he/she could "justify" the created notation, which commonly means giving a reason why it"s not arbitrary.

For example, while the amount of real valued attributes is a different operation than the sum of actual numbers, the exact same symbol "+" is provided. I do not think this is the finest instance, however there"s a plethora of them if one looks.


I guess justify implies don"t assume ameans.

Some possible exam questions:

1 Prove Borel-Cantelli Lemma.

2 Show that the series given below satisfies the differential equation. Justify all your actions.

3 Show that the series offered below satisfies the differential equation. You carry out not need to justify switching derivative and summation.

In case 2, the professor is saying one cannot assume certain steps are valid as was done in previous classes. In this class, we proved points we assumed away in previous classes. You are to prove them below also.

In situation 3, the professor is saying one have the right to assume said actions are valid.

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