You Are My Rock Meaning

Definition: You make me feel safe and provide me a strong foundation.

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Origin of You’re My Rock

People think of rocks as strong, solid, and also untransforming. To contact a perchild a rock suggests the very same thing. That perkid is someone you can always count on to aid and also assistance you.

This expression likely is adapted from a comparable one in the Holy bible. The Scriptures refers to God as a rock. This means that Christians deserve to constantly revolve to God when they are in trouble, or struggling through a crisis of belief, and also discover comfort.

One biblical instance is Psalms 78:35:

And they remembered that God was their rock, And the Most High God their Redeemer.

There are many even more examples favor this in the Scriptures.

Instances of You’re My Rock

In the conversation listed below, two friends are pointing out a break up that among them went via a few weeks back.

Scott: You finally seem happy for the first time since your breakup! What happened?

Tony: Not what, yet that. I met a brand-new woguy Sally. She’s really been my rock.

Scott: Does she understand you recently gained out of a long-term relationship?

Tony: Yes. I met her in a support group. She’s always there to listen to me when I’m feeling down, and also to assistance me. She helps save me strong.

Scott: Well, that’s good I guess. Just don’t become over reliant on her.

Two coemployees use the expression while talking around their parental fees.

Richard: My child has a college job. He hregarding interview me around who my hero is.

Miranda: Who did you choose?

Richard: I made a decision my dad. He was constantly my rock. I can constantly trust him to be tbelow for me. If I was doing somepoint stupid, or that didn’t make any kind of sense, he would certainly always assist me view why it was a poor idea in a sort and also loving method. When I felt like every little thing was falling apart I can trust him to be secure and also a moral support.

More Examples

This quote is from an athlete that credits her boyfriend as someone that constantly supports her.

The second instance is around a singer who is struggling via a condition, but whose trust in God is maintaining him strong.

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The expression you’re my rock means you always are there to assistance me.


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