Sleep on it (idiom)

Can you guess the meaning of the idiom "sleep on it" from looking at the picture?   

To sleep on somepoint (sleep on it):  to wait until the next day (in order to think carefully) prior to making a vital decision.

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What"s "IT" in the picture above?  "It" is any kind of decision that you need to make.  

It"s a method of saying that you require more time to think about something and also you don"t desire to make a quick decision that you might regret or feel sorry for making later on. 

Also, being able to sleep not only offers you more time however it gives you a opportunity to NOT think around the issue for awhile. Sometimes, once you think about things so a lot you actually feel more confused and also stressed out. 

So, if you deserve to sleep, you are able to relax your mind and gain rest. When you wake up the following day you can think around the issue again and make a far better decision than if you were ruburned.


— I got 2 work supplies this particular day. I asked them both to let me sleep on it so I deserve to review the offers and also decide which is ideal.

— You seem a little bit stressed out and I do not desire you to make such a huge decision if you"re feeling puzzled or worried. Why don"t you sleep on it and also we can talk around it aobtain tomorrow?

— I wanted to sleep on it however my manager said I had to sign the contract by the end of the day.

— I imply you sleep on the proposal—maybe even sleep on it a couple of days.

— I wish I had actually slept on the purchase because the next day I found a much nicer dress and also I can"t rerevolve the one I bought.

— Of course you can sleep on it however please remember that I can not make any type of guarantees the sofa will still be right here tomorrow—this is the last one in this color.

— I couldn"t decide which legislation school sell to accept so I determined to sleep on it.  The next day I still couldn"t decide so I just flipped a coin.

— My wife wanted to adopt the dog right ameans however I insisted we sleep on it.  We are both happy that we were able to describe to the children that they will be responsible for taking the dogs for walks.

— I never buy anything that costs even more than $250 without resting on it initially.

— There"s no require for you to sleep on it. We recognize it"s hard to make a decision so we developed a free 30-day trial where you have the right to cancel your membership and also acquire a full remoney if you do not like it.

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— My boyfriend proposed to me in front of all of our friends so he wasn"t extremely happy when I sassist I wanted to sleep on it.