What is a metered dose inhaler (MDI)?

Inhaled respiratory medications are frequently taken by using a machine called a metered dose inhaler, or MDI. The MDI is a pressurized canister of medication in a plastic holder via a mouthpiece. When sprayed, it provides a trustworthy, constant dose of medication.

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Tbelow are 2 techniques for using an MDI. In many cases, the desired strategy is via a maker called a valved holding chamber (Figure 1). These gadgets affix to the MDI and host the "spray" of medication. They make it less complicated to use the MDI and aid obtain the medication into the lungs better. An MDI can also be supplied without a chamber (Figure 2). These methods are described below. Your healthtreatment skilled will certainly decide which method is many appropriate for you.

Priming: Priming (spraying one or more puffs right into the air prior to use) assures that the inhaler is all set to usage and also will certainly dispense the correct amount of medication. Priming varies in between devices, so it is crucial to read the patient instructions that come through your medication.


Figure 1

Using an MDI via a valved holding chamber (Figure 1)

Rerelocate the cap from the MDI and also chamber. Shake well.Insert the MDI right into the open end of the chamber (opposite the mouthpiece).Place the mouthitem of the chamber between your teeth and also seal your lips tightly approximately it.Breathe out entirely.Press the canister once.Breathe in slowly and completely through your mouth. If you hear a "horn-like" sound, you are breathing as well easily and should sluggish dvery own.Hold your breath for 10 seconds (count to 10 slowly) to allow the medication to reach the airmeans of the lung.Repeat the over procedures for each puff ordered by your medical professional. Wait around 1 minute in between puffs.Relocation the cap on your MDI as soon as finimelted.


Figure 2

Using an MDI without a chamber (Figure 2)

Remove the cap from the MDI and also shake well.Breathe out all the method.Place the mouthpiece of the inhaler in between your teeth and seal your lips tightly around it.As you begin to breathe in slowly, press dvery own on the canister one time.Keep breathing in as progressively and also deeply as you can. (It should take about 5 secs for you to entirely breathe in.)Hold your breath for 10 secs (count to 10 slowly) to permit the medication to reach the airways of the lung.Repeat the over procedures for each puff ordered by your doctor. Wait about 1 minute between puffs.Replace the cap on the MDI as soon as finished.If you are using a corticosteroid MDI, you should use a valved holding chamber as defined over.

Caring for your MDI and also chamber

For the majority of MDIs, remove the canister and also rinse the plastic holder through warm running water as soon as a week to proccasion the holes from acquiring clogged. Shake well and let air dry. There are some drugs in which the inhaler cannot be rerelocated from the holder. These usually need to be cleaned by wiping the mouthpiece through a cloth or cleaning via a dry cotton swab. Refer to the patient instructions that come through your inhaler.

Clean the chamber around once a week. Rerelocate the soft ring at the finish of the chamber. Soak the spacer in warm water via a mild detergent. Carecompletely clean and, rinse, and shake off excess water. Do not hand also dry. Allow to totally air dry. Do not save the chamber in a plastic bag.

Checking your MDI

It is essential that you recognize just how much medication is left in your inhaler. The number of puffs included in your MDI is printed on the side of the canister. After you have supplied that number of puffs, you need to discard your inhaler also if it continues to spray. Keep track of how many puffs you have actually used. You likewise must incorporate priming puffs in this full.

If you use an MDI eexceptionally day for manage of symptoms, you can identify just how lengthy it will certainly last by dividing the full variety of puffs in the MDI by the full puffs you usage eextremely day. For example: 2 puffs x 2 times per day = 4 complete puffs per day. At 120 puffs, the MDI will certainly last 30 days.

If you use an inhaler only once you must, you must store track of exactly how many times you spray the inhaler. A few of the more recent MDIs have actually counting gadgets built in.

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If your MDI does not have a dose respond to, you have the right to obtain an equipment that attaches to the MDI and also counts down the variety of puffs each time you push the inhaler. Ask your healthcare professional for more information around these devices, as well as exactly how to ideal store track of your medication without an add-on tool (if you prefer).