I desire to know once my partner is free so that I have the right to practice my spoken English with him. I asked him "What is your schedule?" Actually, I wanted to understand what he normally does at night.

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Is it correct to ask " What is your schedule"?Thank you for your assist.
It"s correct, but it"s a general question. What you desire to understand is even more certain than that. "What carry out you carry out at night?" might have actually many kind of meanings likewise. Why not simply ask "When are you cost-free to practice English at night?"Also, unmuch less you want to refer to times later than around 9 or 10 pm, in English we would certainly generally ask "... in the evening."
I agree through Egmont. Either "What is your schedule?" or "What is your nightly schedule?" will certainly lug you (assuming you gain any kind of answer at all) a lot even more than you desire to recognize.
A prevalent expression is what"s your schedule prefer this week?
It"s an open-ended question, which allows the perboy to say pretty much anypoint. I might say for instance, "Crazy. How about following week?" Or I could say, "I"m pretty open up. What were you thinking?" Somewright here in the middle, I could respond that I"m totally free Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and also carry out any of those work for you?If you especially desire to know if he is complimentary evenings, a few options are:Are evenings primarily good for you?Are you complimentary any type of evenings this week?

Thank you all.

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I still have a question. If I want to understand when someone usually acquire up and go to bed, can I say " What"s you schedule"? Is tright here any type of specific word to describe it?
If I desire to understand as soon as someone generally gets
up and goes to bed, can I say " What"s your schedule"? Is there any type of particular word to define it?
I mean you might ask, "What"s your day-to-day schedule like?" but you would acquire a lot more information.If you"re just interested in discovering when the person normally gets up and goes to bed, I would ssuggest ask:What time execute you commonly gain up in the morning and when execute you typically go to bed?

I agree through Egmont (and also LH for the second question): ask for the indevelopment you actually desire. Also note that "schedule" isn"t widely provided in BrE for a person"s tasks of that kind: it"s used more in a expert context, for planning jobs, processes and events, or in legal and also fiscal conmessages.Ws
I agree with Egmont (and LH for the second question): ask for the information you actually desire. Also note that "schedule" isn"t commonly supplied in BrE for a person"s activities of that kind: it"s provided more in a experienced context, for planning jobs, procedures and also events, or in legal and fiscal contexts.Ws