I opened a new sheet in Solidworks illustration, in the title block, there was a area written "Do not range drawing". What does that mean?

Tright here is a range currently being favored over tbelow. It was just a new sheet and also the default title box showed up. I searched the internet but might not find any kind of straightforward straight description around that.

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This is information to be shown on the published copy - it is informing the reader to please not print this A1 illustration sheet on A4 paper, or else the information you have actually highlighted "Scale 1:8" would not be true any kind of more.


In mechanical drafting and machine shop institution, it intended not to measure the drawing making use of a 6" machinist scale, and also use those measurements to fabricate the part.

(You deserve to relocation 6" range via any type of type of measuring device.)

In my career I have worked through hundreds of mechanical engineers, machinists, toolmachines, tool-and-die devices, and so on To a guy, I"m confident that they would certainly all agree.


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