One of my friends has actually a standing of Snooze. What does this mean?How is it various to amethod or busy (acomponent from it not being easily accessible in the list of options)?


According to a moderator on the Steam forums "snooze" is a state automatically applied to customers that have been amethod from their PC for 2 hrs or more.

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There are various other programs that have the right to interchallenge with Steam, and also some of these likewise have actually the choice of manually altering your standing to somepoint that is generally not possible to manually collection your condition to. As such, you might find human being in the "snooze" state even though they haven"t been ameans that lengthy.


Think of it as the immediate messenger status "idle". If they are idle, they"ve been away and also not active for a duration of time. "Snooze" is exactly the very same principle, the user has not been energetic on Steam for a specific period of time (as Agent says, 2 hrs +)



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