I personally isn"t precisely sure what the stars and also wings implies. alot of civilization is confused around it, and asks what it suggests and also why u acquire them. yet heres my thoughts~

level 1-100 = wings.

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level 100 - 200 = (Recollection wings) But you obtain a Bronze Star.

Level 200 - 300 = (Recollection Wings) But you obtain 2 Bronze Starz.

Ect Ect. The wings always reset after you roll over 100.

But you gain a star that suggests your level of 100 for each star you have.

Ultimately it transforms silver approximately the 600"s + and also then Gold.

-To all them that knows some even more, or disagree with it, create it in da comment and also share ur thoughts. http://overwatch.wikia.com/wiki/Progression this is likewise a good area to discover ur answers. This is ma very first post, that"ll inevitably aid the overwatch newbs :sweat_smile: :heart: ty :clap:


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The means I see it it"s pointmuch less anyone through a platinum border on them clearly requirements to go external bereason I"m pretty sure they now look choose this


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Yay, you"re most likely ideal :joy: . And the rumor around acquiring square eyes, will probably come true :skull:

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