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‘that account, overcame as it is by conflict in between black hats and white hats, is hardly the totality truth’
‘This isn"t an airport novel through white hats and babsence hats, moral certitude and a nice conclusive ending.’‘The San Francisco clothes agency is extensively admired as a ‘white hat’ among multinationals.’‘Characterization is accepted, not elaborated upon and also the result is a film filled only via archetypes, black hats, and white hats.’‘The lines in between good and negative cease to exist as the white hats perform disastrous things for the best of reasons.’‘Just like many Leonard novels, there are no distinctly babsence or white hats to identify the negative guys from the good.’‘In the supposedly witty human being of Anarchy TV, tbelow are white hats and also the typical, cliched black ones.’‘But we, the journalists, are meant to be wearing the white hats in our run-ins with the corpoprice society, aren"t we?’‘Is this a significant cowboy movie or a commentary on cowboy movies and also their inane black hat / white hat ethics?’‘Too often a film will decide that wears the white hat and also leave obvious clues to make certain you know what they think you should think.’‘By this time, the days of excellent guys in white hats and also the mounties riding to the rescue in the nick of time had long because vanished, so imagine everyone"s surprise when someone actually made a good-hearted western.’‘One of the reasons we watch movies is to escape from actual life right into a people wright here the excellent males in the white hats win in the finish.’‘There is a lot even more to this image than the great males wearing white hats’‘Although I love Dead Man, it"s not a Western for those looking for males in white hats riding off to save the town.’‘A component of me is actually rooting for the guys in white hats to come riding in and save the day.’‘The Furies is not a Western where males in white hats challenge off guys in babsence hats on the town square at noon.’‘Some of my readers still desire excellent males and also poor men, white hats and also babsence hats.’‘Here, no one gets to wear the white hat, no one rides contentedly right into the sunset, and the loose ends are left satisfyingly unknotted.’‘The cowboy (in white hat, of course) always confirmed that excellent triumphed over evil and also I truly think that youngsters subconsciously soaked up the ethical force for excellent natural in the stories.’
1.1Computing informal A perboy who hacks into a computer network in order to test or evaluate its defense units.
‘while security dudes tfinish to stop in regards to babsence or white hats, it seems to me that almost all hats are in varying shades of grey’‘If they perform this via complete knowledge and also authorization of the influenced company, they are white hats; if they criminally make use of the vulnerabilities, they are babsence hats.’‘Businesses via trade trick sensitivities could want to take into consideration less formal defense methods such as white hat hackers.’‘But while it"s straightforward for hackers to detect, it"s likewise basic to deal with - and also tright here are more white hats than babsence.’‘Once, there were "babsence hat" hackers and "white hat" hackers - negative males that broke into computer systems to wreak havoc, and also excellent males who tried to uncover and also plug loopholes.’‘A white hat hacker has demonstrated an ingenious means of intercepting cellphone calls.’‘This week"s hackers were thought to be federal government funded, which would describe the high-level field of expertise these white hats showed.’‘If convicted, they must not be permitted to go earlier into the organization as a white hat hacker.’‘Among geeks he"d be called a "white hat" hacker - the type who tinkers with machines out of a desire to learn and discover.’‘Exploitation of the latest flaw is straightforward, according to Polish white hat hackers iSec, which discovered both problems.’‘It"s operated on the idea that the white hats have the right to be spotted by their exemplary plans and programs and sustaincapability reports.’

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brave man, champion, male of courage, great male, male of the hour, conquering hero, victor, winner, conqueror, lionheart, warrior, paladin, knight, white hat

1950s from the shade of the hat traditionally worn by the good personalities in westerns. Compare through babsence hat.