Were It So Easy…


Fun fact: this is the initially request for a write-up that I have actually ever before gained. I think it was o-manam that had actually messaged me to compose a short article on the line “Were it so easy” a while back. My initially and also exterior response was “A request? Yes! Gladly!” My second and interior response was “I don’t know jiggly-squat around that line.”

I expect I was aware of it. You can’t play Halo 3 without it being repeated on both ends, and also you a lot of certainly cannot google anypoint around Thel ‘Vadam without it being somewhere in the “the majority of inspiring” or “memorable” quotes or plastered over his image favor a motivational poster. I clearly need to be the odd-one-out in the fandom right here bereason to me the line was always “meh.”

To me, it seemed to fit appropriate in through the cheesy lines prefer “You are every one of you vermin…” or “To battle.” It felt favor the writers were desperate for somepoint epic to say and so they tossed a couple of words at Keith David and also told him to execute what he does best.

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Were what so easy? I don’t know what you’re referencing, Arbiter. Are you saying that it’s not simple for you and also the Chief to stay ameans from each other’s throats? You guys seem to perform a great project of it when you get going. And are you saying it’s tough to think the Chief’s dead? Ok, that one I deserve to acquire a little even more however as an echo to that initially one… I simply don’t get it. What’s the parallel? Why does everyone love this line?!

A spark of hope for my understanding came from Thel ‘Vadam’s Halopedia page - wbelow the quote is listed through this explanation:

”Thel ‘Vadam tauntingly comments on John-117’s apparent ease of overpowering him.”

Upon analysis this, I appreciated the interpretation of the line. It certainly made even more feeling and made the declaration much even more amazing that I had actually initial suspected. The genuine clincher for me was the success of the very same name in the Master Chief Collection. “Were It So Easy” is awarded for killing 1,000 Elites. I earned this accomplishment while stuck in the initially Cairo Station hangar bay on Legendary, and as it blinged at me from the bottom of my display screen, I realized that what was posted on Halopedia wasn’t simply an interpretation; it was canon.

Armed via that understanding, I began my analysis and also it unlocked one heck of a revelation for Thel’s character.

I am, at this time, just analyzing the initially instance of “Were it so easy” as the conmessage neighboring the two various moments reveals two different sides of Thel ‘Vadam.

First off, I love the word option from the Halopedia entry. The assumed of Thel taunting the Master Chief is a level out delight. We are aware that he has actually some sense of humor, making a joke around Phillips being a baby Sangheili at the end of Glasslands, however this is like a difficulty. He doesn’t say it in a playful manner however quite breaks his mandibles at the Chief. No matter the scenarios that have actually made them allies, neither Thel nor John appear pleased, and also I wonder if component of Thel’s anger originates from the truth that he cannot act against John’s attack.

Unfavor Xytan ‘Jar Wattinree in Ghosts of Onyx and Rtas ‘Vadum in whatever, a lot of Thel’s charisma and also leadership comes not from his vocal declarations but from his actions. That is not to say that neither Xytan or Rtas carry out not follow up their words with actions, but we have the right to check out both of them inspiring loyalty via basic words. Xytan holds an assembly of Shipunderstand captive by just speaking, and with his words, Rtas can rally his troops in also the a lot of dire of scenarios.


It is an extremely rare instance in which Thel’s speech is not accentuated by actions. After he halts the assassicountry attempt on his life, he provides a public show of his prowess by appearing naked prior to the keep Elders. In that very same hour he demonstrates his authority in killing the traitor and also mercy by enabling the traitor’s household to escape without a fatality sentence. It is Thel’s actions that convinces the remaining Elders that he will certainly not be simply a figurehead of a kaidon.

At the Rubble, it is the combination of Thel’s last strategy and his killing of Zhar that spurs Truth to spare his life. It is Thel’s versatility as a commander and the honor demonstrated to humanity that makes him stand out to Locke as a dire and distinctive danger to the UNSC. It is his victories that ‘Refumee notes as the reason for so many kind of Sangheili ending up being loyal to him.

Even as soon as travelling to different keeps to convince the kaidons to look for peace through humanity, Thel’s words are not what stand also out to the likes Jul ‘Mdama. The words are “bland also and conciliatory” like a politician. Instead, it’s Thel’s motions that catches Jul’s attention. He walks as if he was taller than his physical height. He does not snap at the opposition, but responds in conversation.

Likewise, Osguy is not necessarily impressed by Thel’s words upon meeting him, yet again his actions. He meets Hood alone, without a display of pressure. He is polite and also as hospitable as one can be under the scenarios.

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In reality, it is once Thel is required into inaction that he begins to battle. The Prophet of Stewardship continually blocked his eexceptionally move at Alpha Halo, leading to the loss of the ring. The incapacity to follow-up his words through actions at Ealen V was a element that price him the alliance through Lydus.


That is why the taunt is so crucial. Thel is defined by his actions, not his words, yet below he is compelled right into inactivity by the alliance he has actually made. The declaration of “were it so easy ” is in parallel via his trial in High Charity. “I will certainly continue my campaign against the humans” is a definite challenge. The accusation of heresy thrown at his feet, Thel calls to his capability to take action as his defense. That is his shield. “Give me my command aobtain, and I will certainly show that I am no heretic.”

It is the exact same shield that he provides when he is forced to make it appear that John has actually quickly overpowered him. “Try aobtain, and I will display you that I am not so straightforward to kill.”