I believed all 3 「よく」s intended "often" (eg. "regularly takes notes"), however a steustatiushistory.org frifinish shelp they all expect "good" (eg. "takes excellent notes"). He shelp "regularly takes notes" would certainly be 「よくノートを取り」. However, he does not understand why.

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How have the right to you tell the 2 useras apart?


As Yuu created, there is a propensity that よく immediately before a verb often indicates “well” and that よく at the start of a sentence often implies “often,” yet it is by no indicates a firm preeminence. Word order is one of the ideas, but in the end, the distinction relies on the conmessage.

For example, mean that someone said


Does it really suppose “You will certainly get a good mark on an exam if you are listening to your teacher’s lecture often (like 2 thirds of the time)”? It might, depending on the context, but I think that in many contexts, it is even more most likely that the speaker supposed “You will gain a great note on an exam if you are listening to your teacher’s lecture carefully,” also though this suggests that the speaker provided a slightly less organic word order.


It"s the placement of the frequency word (よく).

先生の講義をよく聞いて -> Listen wellよく先生の講義を聞いて -> Often listenノートをよく取り -> Take excellent notesよくノートを取り -> Often take notesそれをよく覚えれば -> (If) Remember wellIf you do not watch the pattern yet, よく + verb (directly preceding the verb) would generally have the connotation of "well", while よく anywhere else in the sentence would certainly likely be "often", via the emphasis of the sentence shifted somewhere else.


良く, yoku, means both "frequently" and also "well". It"s the very same kanji as yoi yet in the adverb develop. If you think about doing something well as being similar to doing it thoabout and doing it thoabout as similar to doing it frequently possibly you have the right to check out the relatedness of the two principles. One of the pleasures of finding out a new language is that it makes you think external your accustomed modes.


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