In episode 7 of Breaking Bad seachild 4, "Problem Dog", you can watch one of the primary characters (Jesse Pinkman) playing a video clip game about 00:40:


It looks to me like a very first perkid shooter. The enemies bald guys with a sickle, and some of them likewise wear scarves that cover the reduced fifty percent of their head. I think the setting is quite new, since I deserve to watch graffiti on the wall surfaces. The component of game presented is in wet underground rooms.

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What is the name of this game he"s playing?



The game that Jesse Pinkguy is playing in the opening scene of Breaking Bad seaboy 4, "Problem Dog" is RAGE, by id software program.


RAGE website, id Software webwebsite, Source



BlueRaja-DannyPflughoeft, it is also feasible they supplied a practice controller. Light weapons have actually been occurred for console shooters prefer this.

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