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Tip by action method for calculating what percent of 50 is 10

We currently have our initially value 50 and the second worth 10. Let"s assume the unwell-known value is Y which answer we will discover out.

As we have all the forced worths we need, Now we have the right to put them in a basic mathematical formula as below:

STEP 1Y = 10/50

By multiplying both numerator and denominator by 100 we will certainly get:

STEP 2Y = 10/50 × 100/100 = 20/100

STEP 3Y = 20

Finally, we have actually found the worth of Y which is 20 and that is our answer.

You can use a calculator to uncover what percent of 50 is 10, simply enter 10 ÷ 50 × 100 and you will acquire your answer which is 20

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Here is a calculator to deal with percentage calculations such as what percent of 50 is 10. You have the right to fix this form of calculation via your worths by entering them right into the calculator"s fields, and click "Calculate" to gain the outcome and also explacountry.

What percent of

Sample concerns, answers, and also exactly how to

Question: Your uncle had actually 50 shares of his own company a couple of years previously, and currently he has 10 of them. What percent of the shares of his agency he has actually now?

Answer: He has actually 20 percent of shares of his firm now.

How To: The key words in this difficulty are "What Percent" because they let us know that it"s the Percent that is lacking. So the 2 numbers that it gives us should be the "Total" and also the "Part" we have actually.

Part/Total = Percent

In this case, it"s the Total that our uncle owned. So we put 50 on the bottom of the fraction and also 10 on height. Now we"re ready to figure out the component we don"t know; the Percent.

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10/50 = Percent

To uncover the percent, all we need to do is transform the fraction into its percent develop by multiplying both top and bottom part by 100 and right here is the way to figure out what the Percent is:

10/50 × 100/100 = 20/100

20 = Percent

And that implies he has 20 percent of the shares of his company now.

Another step by step method

Tip 1: Let"s solve the equation for Y by first rewriting it as: 100% / 50 = Y% / 10

Step 2: Drop the portion marks to simplify your calculations: 100 / 50 = Y / 10

Tip 3: Multiply both sides by 10 to isolate Y on the appropriate side of the equation: 10 ( 100 / 50 ) = Y