Barbie dolls are undoubtedly the world’s many renowned doll on the industry. These playthings were initially released in March of 1959, and they have actually been going solid ever before given that.

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Barbie has actually had actually a far-reaching influence on women almost everywhere the civilization and also has actually even branched out right into miscellaneous various other forms of entertainment such as tv, video games, music, and more.

If you are wondering what is Barbie doll hair made of, then we’ve acquired you covered.

What Is Barbie Doll Hair Made Of?

A lot of consideration goes into making a Barbie, and also the kind of Barbie itself frequently determines the fiber that gets used when creating the hair. The equipments must look at whether the doll is going to have actually styled hair, curled hair, or colored hair.

In the occasion that these kinds of hair are used; they need to pick the best fiber to ensure that the doll’s hair remains looking as good as it did once it was first bought. Here are the various forms of Barbie doll hair:


Saran hair is absolutely the many typically supplied hair on Barbie dolls. It’s a plastic-based fiber that is quite inexpensive and comes in a large array of colors. Saran hair is likewise malleable and can handle specially blended colors.

While the Saran fiber does have a grbasic feel to it, that can commonly be taken care of via a few washes. The fiber is ideal offered directly bereason it doesn’t style well or hold curls, which is the primary factor you can uncover various other hair fibers supplied on various Barbies.

If your Barbie’s hair is made of Saran, it’s said that you store it out of UV lighting and also save it in its box, specifically if it’s a limited edition. This is vital if you desire to make certain it continues to be intact bereason Saran hair have the right to fade over time.

Anvarious other advantage of using Saran hair is that it’s a artificial polymer fiber, which indicates that the size of the hair have the right to be as long as you like.

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Anvarious other form of hair offered on Barbies is Kanekalon hair. It feels much more natural than its Saran counterpart, and it holds shade and also style very well. It’s a high-top quality fabricated fiber that is largely supplied because of its capability to host certain styles bereason it doesn’t lose its shape.

In enhancement to being provided on some Barbies, it’s additionally one of the the majority of renowned synthetic products that are offered for making wigs. It has been provided for even more than 50 years and also offers a softer, shinier appearance than many kind of various other synthetic fibers provided to make doll hair.


While nylon fibers are a lot of commonly found in other kinds of dolls, they have been offered with certain Barbie dolls over the years. When comparing it to Saran, it’s a lot thicker to the touch and also does have actually a plastic, thick feel.

Nylon fibers are quite easy to work through once styling, and they perform hold curls and also shade exceptionally well. When supplied in Barbie doll hair, it’s typically bereason the particular doll has a style of hair that calls for a fiber that holds a type and doesn’t lose its shape.

One of the downfalls of making use of nylon for a doll’s hair is that it is even more slippery than many type of other fibers. This provides it hard to work-related through.

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Some newer Barbie dolls deserve to be found through acetate as their major resource of hair. Acetate is made from a plant cellushed fiber and also is very thin and also brittle. It is quite inexpensive, which may interpret into the thinking behind why some of the more recent Barbie dolls are sporting the fiber.

Unfortunately, utilizing acetate as doll hair results in hair that is is frizzy, doesn’t host shade or form, and also texture doesn’t feel natural.


What Are Fibers?

Now that you recognize what’s supplied to make Barbie doll hair, it’s time to define what fibers are. Fibers are a thread of material that gets combined in order to join hair. Tbelow are assorted kinds of fibers, but under many scenarios, only 2 are provided with doll making—herbal or synthetic.

Synthetic Fibers

Synthetic fibers are largely polymer- or cellulose-based. The cellulose fibers are plant- or wood-based, but because of the comprehensive process used to create them, they can’t be reputed a organic fiber. Common cellushed fibers are acetate, rayon, and also tencel.

Polymer fibers, on the various other hand, are plastic- and petroleum-based. Out of all fibers, they are the a lot of processed, yet those processes make it much easier to control the length, appearance, and also consistency of the hair. Some prevalent polymer fibers are Saran, nylon, and acrylic.

Natural Fibers

Natural fibers are animal- and also plant-based. Tright here is little bit chemical handling that is involved through their fabrication, which helps via keeping the fibers in the natural category.

Usual plant-based fibers encompass linen, bamboo, and also milk protein. On the various other hand, the most widespread animal-based fibers come from goat, alpaca, silk, wool, and also huguy hair.

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Now that you understand and understand the prevalent fibers offered in Barbie doll hair, and you have actually a rundvery own of what fibers are, you are now equipped through the understanding regarding how to take care of them correctly. After all, Barbie dolls are not little investments that need to be left to waste.