In act 2, scene 4 of Romeo and also Juliet, exactly how does the character of the Nurse fulfill the function of comic relief?
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In Act 2, Scene 4, Romeo’s friends make fun of Nurse and also she teases Romeo.

Comic relief suggests that after a particularly dramatic minute, a character comes alengthy that renders you laugh. The nurse does this throughout the play, because she provides bawdy jokes and is just mainly cheerful. ...

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In Act 2, Scene 4, Romeo’s friends make fun of Nurse and also she teases Romeo.

Comic relief implies that after an especially dramatic moment, a character comes along that renders you laugh. The nurse does this throughout the play, bereason she makes bawdy jokes and also is simply mainly cheerful. Also, other characters make fun of her occasionally.

Act 2, Scene 2 is a major scene because Romeo and also Juliet have professed their love for each various other. This is high drama in many type of ways. First of all you have the, “ahh, that’s romantic,” touch. Gushy romance goes a long method. It’s also a small tense though, because Romeo and also Juliet’s households are fighting! They must not also be talking to each various other, let alone kissing. Uh, oh! So that is dramatic, bereason although the audience can be enjoying the tender romance, if they have actually been paying attention they are additionally waiting for the various other shoe to drop. 

Tbelow is a little humor in Act 2, Scene 3, wbelow the friar chides Rome for going from one girl to the next, yet it is mainly still dramatic. He is reminding him of the after-effects of his actions and also Romeo is professing his love to be severe.

Go into nurse. She is type of bumbling and also sweet, and also tenderly devoted to Juliet however additionally a little little bit obnoxious. She is perfect comic relief, a typical Shakespeare clown.

In Act 2, Scene 4, Romeo’s friends make fun of Nurse (“A sail, a sail!”), and exadjust bawdy conversation with her. Romeo gets impatient through this conversation, answering hence as soon as she asks for him:

I have the right to tell you; but young Romeo will certainly be older when

you have actually discovered him than he was once you sought him. I

am the youngest of that name, for fault of a worse. (Act 2, Scene 4)

Then, Romeo and also the nurse exreadjust a witty conversation in which they tease each other. She makes fun of the truth that he is impatient to hear from Juliet, and that Juliet is a sweet girl. She also brings up Rosemary, the girl that he was supposedly in love via prior to.


…Doth not rosemary and also Romeo begin both through a



Ay, nurse; what of that? Both through an R.

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Ah, mocker! that"s the dog"s name. (Act 2, Scene 4)

Eventually, she does tell him Juliet says yes, and arvarieties the meeting for him. This bit exreadjust is among the humorous moments in the play, and there are some. Mercutio additionally offers comic relief, and so does Romeo periodically.

A play complete of drama additionally demands some comedy. Comedy and also tragedy are 2 sides of the exact same coin, life is complete of both. Any play requirements a fair amount of comic relief to provide the audience some rest, and also to counter the tragic moments. Shakespeare also wanted to store his audience’s attention, and entertain them. They would understand whenever before they saw Mercutio or the nurse (or a sword) that some fun was coming!