Match each of the terms below through its definition.A. Absolute advantageB. Comparative advantageC. Opportunity costD. Protectionism

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A. The capability to create even more cheaplyB. The visibility of reduced opportunity prices than competitorsC. The best different provided up by a details production decisionD. The presence of obstacles to free-flowing trade
Match each of the terms below via its meaning.A. Absolute advantageB. Comparative advantageC. Specialization D. Interdependence
A. The ability to develop more cheaplyB. The visibility of lower possibility prices than competitorsC. The performance of a certain abundant task within an financial systemD. The tight connection in between different countries" economies
Match each of the terms listed below through its interpretation.A. Absolute advantageB. Comparative advantageC. SpecializationD. Protectionism
A. The capacity to produce more cheaplyB. The existence of lower opportunity expenses than competitorsC. The performance of a specific fertile task within an financial systemD. The existence of barriers to free-flowing trade
Match each present trfinish in the global economy with among its financial effects.A. Increased communicationB. Trade Liberalization C. Infraframework developmentD. Industrialization
A. Outsourcing in the high-technology industryB. Greater mobility of products and laborC. Imshowed production and transportationD. Economic growth in occurring countries
Match each present trend with among its results on worldwide trade.A. Imconfirmed communicationB. Trade LiberalizationC. Infraframework developmentD. Industrialization
A. Broadening of international tradeB. Reduction of obstacles to worldwide tradeC. Facilitation of smovarious other global tradeD. Spread of international profession to emerging countries
Match each existing trend via the benefit it gives for the global economic situation.A. Imverified communicationB. Reduction of trade obstacles C. Development of framework D. Industrialization
A. Facilitates international business and also tradeB. Allows for a higher mobility of goods and also laborC. Reduces production and transportation costsD. Enables economic development in developing countries

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