Last week in Plot Structure and The Hunger Games we talked about exactly how The Hunger Gamings, the novel, illustrates opening dispute and also the first 3 of the 5 plot points below:

Story SparkOne-Quarter TwistMid-PointThree-Quarter TurnClimax

Today I"ll cover the Three-Quarter Turn, the Climax, and the activity adhering to the orgasm.

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Warning: As before, spoilers listed below. If somejust how you haven’t review The Hunger Gamings or checked out the film, do that first and also come earlier. I"ll still be here. Or the post will at least.

Moving On From The Mid-Point

As we talked around last week, at the Mid-Point of the novel Katniss suffers a major reversal. Badly injured, she climbs a tree to evade her adversaries. But all they must carry out is wait her out. So she drops a hive of tracker jacker hornets on them.

This action outcomes in her first kill in the games and serves as her Mid-Point action to commit and also go all in.

More, as it have to, Katniss" action at the Mid-Point propels the story forward.

Since of it, Katniss allies herself via Rue. Rue aided Katniss spot the tracker jacker hive. She also helps heal Katniss heal from tracker jacker stings. The 2 create a setup to go after the offers of the group of tributes who trapped and tried to kill Katniss.

The Mid-Point also leaves Katniss perplexed about Peeta’s allegiances.

She pretends for the cam that she and also Peeta have actually an enigma pact, however she doesn’t recognize if he played in addition to the other tributes to try to protect her someexactly how or if he truly desires to remove her. After all, just among them can win.

These feelings are the perfect erected for the next plot suggest at the three-quarter mark.

One Possible Three-Quarter Turn

Like the One-Quarter Twist (disputed last week), the Three-Quarter Turn when aobtain sends the story in a new direction. This time, though, rather than being an exterior force the revolve grows straight from the protagonist’s activity the Mid-Point.

I watch two feasible Three-Quarter Turns in the novel The Hunger Gamings.

The initially happens on page 244, which is about 20 pperiods before the actual three-quarter point in the book. The gameequipments announce that two tributes have the right to win this year’s game so long as they are from the same district.

This world readjust opens up the possibility that both Katniss and also Peeta can make it through. Katniss automatically sets out to find him.

At first this twist appears to come from external because it is the gamemachines who make the decision. Katniss, yet, motivated that decision.

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First, she made it through her reversal. 2nd, she acted as if she and also Peeta were still allies, despite that she didn’t recognize herself if that was true.

Also, while we don’t understand for specific bereason the book is told from Katniss’ point of check out, it’s likely that her care and also issue for Rue when the girl was dying moved viewers so much that they started clamoring for Katniss to have a possibility to be happy via Peeta.

From the turn on Katniss battles to uncover and heal Peeta and to encertain his survival in addition to her very own.

The Alternative

If we go by page count, at the actual three-quarter suggest in the book the gamemachines have currently readjusted the rules. When Katniss finds him, Peeta is badly injured and also dying.

The Capitol, however, announces that tright here will certainly be a “feast” wbelow each tribute deserve to acquire somepoint desperately necessary. Katniss is certain tright here will certainly be medicine for Peeta. Equally sure it’s a trap, Peeta provides her promise not to go tright here. He doesn’t desire her to die.

But Katniss will certainly not simply let him die.

When her sponsors send sleeping syrup, she mixes it in berries and feeds it to him. That way she is able to leave without him knowing it to fight for the medicine.

I favor this advance as the Three-Quarter Turn because Katniss renders a choice, making it more plainly a turn as a result of her own actions.

Whichever before component you check out as the rotate, though, it drives the rest of the story toward the Climax.

The Climax

As we approach the climax of The Hunger Games, Katniss and Peeta fight the last tributes to the fatality.

But the true payoff is less around a physical fight and also more around winning the fight against the Capitol.

When only Katniss and Peeta are left, the Capital transforms the rules aget so that only one have the right to win. This switch brings together all the previous parts of the plot and the main characters’ arcs.

Peeta never thought he might win on his very own. He did his finest to endure but his major goal wregarding help Katniss win and acquire back house to assist care for her little sister.

Katniss common that goal, however when she kbrand-new Peeta likewise can make it through she put the 2 of them winning together above her personal survival.

Now, in the orgasm, the gamedevices try to pit the 2 against one an additional aobtain by reversing the dominion change. Once aget, only one deserve to win.

Though as soon as she strove to arise as the single survivor, Katniss is currently identified to outwit the Capitol so both can live. That change occurs because of every little thing that taken place in the games, her options throughout, her thriving feelings for Peeta, and her building outrage versus the Capitol.

As a result, she refprovides to accept the borders of the games. Instead, she motivates Peeta to (at leastern show up to) commit self-destruction through her. The Capitol stops them and also declares both winners.

The awful choice Katniss deals with and also her quick-witted, established response provide much more drama that a physical fight alone can.

The Falling Action

After the Climax, eexceptionally good story contains falling action, which is what it sounds favor — the results or fallout of the Climax.

The Climax and Falling Action together have to deal with all the major plot points and also display the after-effects to the protagonist. It’s okay to leave a couple of open inquiries for the reader to ponder, but as well many and you’ll leave readers unhappy and unsatisfied.

How lengthy the area is counts upon exactly how a lot needs to be readdressed.

In The Hunger Gamings, it’s 27 pperiods.

Katniss discovers the Capitol currently sees her as a threat because she outwitted the gamemachines. She additionally should deal with Peeta’s sadness once he realizes she exaggerated her feelings for him and with her own interior confusion over what was actual and also what wasn’t. Many necessary, she realizes the games really never before end. She need to play a part forever to protect against inciting a rebellion and also risking the stays of the people she loves.

If you arrangement a sequel, it’s additionally an excellent principle to plant a few seeds for the following book in the falling action section.

The falling action in The Hunger Gamings works for it as a standalone novel and as Publication 1 in a trilogy.

Katniss and also Peeta make it through the games, readdressing the main plot. If the book was a standalone, that they will certainly should be mindful and play components forever before would be enough of a resolution, and the readers would be left to imagine just how their personal partnership could or can not develop.

But these very same points put up a sequel well.

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In the next book, the reader deserve to uncover out exactly what happens as they try to conform through the Capitol’s expectations, and just how Katniss" mixed feelings for Peeta readjust her life.