Key Difference – Culture vs Custom

The 2 terms culture and also tradition are interrelated ideas that are distinctive to various social groups. Culture is a facility whole including ideas, understanding, rituals, morals, personalizeds, and also various other habits and also capabilities of people. Custom is a conventional way of behaving or doing somepoint that is specific to a particular location, time or culture. The primary difference in between culture and also tradition is that practice is a part of the culture; to be even more exact, it is a representation of the culture.

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What is Culture

Culture is a social phenomenon which suggests the functions of a certain culture. Culture deserve to refer to the lifelayouts collected by a group of human being. According to E.B. Taylor, who was the founder of social anthropology, society is a “complicated totality which consists of knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, tradition and also any kind of various other capabilities and habits acquired by guy as a member of society.” As this interpretation states society is not inherent, yet acquired and comprises of traits such as beliefs, behavior, worths, art, music, language, rituals and also knowledge. Almany all the members of a certain culture share these social traits. The habits of an individual is shaped by the society.

Cultural methods and traits differ according to different ethnic backgrounds, nationalities, and even various age teams. In addition, society does not remajor static; it alters over time. Culture is not a concrete concept; it is an abstract. Food, apparel, rituals, art, and so on are just material representation of society. Therefore, the term society deserve to describe different principles. For example, society have the right to describe various fields such as the way of dressing, the way of eating, ingredients offered in cooking, music create, etc.


What is a Custom

A practice is a commonly embraced, traditional method of behaving or doing something that is particular to a specific society, place, or time. Each culture, faith, community have actually their own distinctive customizeds. Customs are a crucial feature of society. As pointed out above, tradition can be a representation of culture. Let’s look at a Chinese wedding ceremony for instance. Tbelow are unique customizeds and also traditions that are adhered to. All these customizeds are a reflection of Chinese society.

A particular gesture, behavior, occasion or act transforms into a tradition once it is continuously practiced. When this is complied with for many kind of years and also passed dvery own to younger generations, it becomes a legacy. 


Japanese Tea Ceremony

Difference Between Culture and Custom


Culture is a facility whole including ideas, understanding, rituals, morals, customs, and also other actions and also capabilities of people.

Custom is a traditional means of behaving actually or doing somepoint that is certain to a particular place, time or culture.


Culture is an abstract, represented via concrete facets.

Custom is a means of behaving actually or doing things.


Culture deserve to be represented via custom.

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Custom is a part of culture.

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“Japanese Tea Ceremony” By Georges Seguin (Okki) – Own job-related, (CC BY-SA 3.0) through Commons Wikimedia