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I haven"t been able to uncover any great write-ups describing rules (or patterns) specifying usage of the words female and woman.

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Let"s take the following sentences as an example:

(assuming we have a man and a woman)

The woman pointed the gun at the guy The female pointed the gun at the guy

*the second sentence sounds extremely odd to me though.

And what around male doctor; shall we then say female doctor or womale doctor?

Can you please carry out any kind of rules / patterns (I hope tright here are some) specifying intake of female and woman?

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Something namong the answers have stated yet: woguy describes a female humale, while female deserve to define non-humans.
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The words male and also female are offered as classifications (such as in sociology, or medicine), and they can be used as adjectives as conveniently as nouns. The words man and also woman are even more personal descriptors of individuals.

When making use of these words to define the subjects of a clinical research, we might uncover either of these:

•The manage team had 26 female and 18 male patients. •The control group had 26 woguys and 18 men.

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You are ideal about exactly how your second instance sentence sounds "off", but that"s bereason you"ve mixed the two words:

•The woman pointed the gun at the man. (sounds normal) •The female pointed the gun at the man. (sounds awkward) •The woman pointed the gun at the male. (likewise sounds awkward) •The female pointed the gun at the male. (sounds acceptable)

However before, context can incredibly wsteustatiushistory.org override that basic guidance. A few of the sentences I"ve labeled as awkward might sound funny on their own, but they could be simply fine in the middle of a prolonged testimony in the time of a courtroom trial, where a lengthy series of questions has actually set up a scene - i.e., something like this:

"What did you watch in the room?" "There was a woguy via a gun, and also 2 civilization in the doorway." "Could you tsteustatiushistory.org if those two civilization were male or female?" "Yes." "And what did you notice?" "Tright here was one male, and one female." "And what occurred next?" "The woguy pointed the gun at the female."

I think that last sentence reads just fine in that conmessage, bereason the coming before dialog has actually made it quite basic to follow alengthy.